Refinitiv Invite: Unseen Opportunities: Mitigating Bias in the Age of AI

The Refinitiv Latino Network and Latino Networks Coalition (LNC) member organizations invite you to a thought provoking panel in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month!

The world’s leading financial services companies are leveraging AI for better, faster investment decisions at all levels – consumer mortgages, business loans, and capital investments. As an example, consumer banks are automating the underwriting process, so customers can quickly apply and be approved for loans. Research has shown, however, that these algorithms, and the data behind them, are often susceptible to biased and outdated assumptions – assumptions that have had a particularly adverse impact on people and communities of color.


  • Natalie Sammarco, Director, Applied Innovation, Refinitiv Labs


  • Enrique Arbelaez, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of CIEN+ And Culturintel
  • Jharonne Martis, Director, Consumer Research, Refinitiv
  • Sharyn O’ Halloran , Senior Vice Dean & Co-Founder of the Fintech Lab at Columbia University
  • Sameena Shah, Managing Director, AI Research, JPMorgan Chase

The Refinitiv Latino Network is dedicated to increasing the representation and advancement of Latinos within Refinitiv by nurturing the organization’s cultural competence and advocating for behavioral change to create an inclusive environment.

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