RegTech Data Summit 2020

Applying emerging technologies across the financial sector is beginning to achieve greater efficiencies for markets and benefits for society. As the financial services sector begins to implement new regulatory requirements and prepares for improved reporting processes, RegTech solutions will help reduce costs, limit burden, and ensure information is high-quality to satisfy regulatory expectations. The key to successful digital reporting includes the adoption of common data definitions and utilization of machine readable data standards.

On April 22, 2020, the Data Coalition will host the RegTech Data Summit in New York City, presented by DFIN. The RegTech Data Summit will unite leaders from regulated entities, regulators, and academics to plan for advancing RegTech solutions of the future in financial services, through the adoption of common definitions and data standards. During the RegTech Data Summit, participants will discuss the emerging need and use for common entity identifiers, development of new pilot projects to advance the use of structured data in regulatory reporting, and other key considerations for adopting RegTech solutions in 2020 and beyond.

Join the Data Coalition for the RegTech Data Summit as we work to develop and advocate for meaningful solutions that make our country’s data higher-quality, more accessible, and more usable.

For a preview of what to expect at RegTech 2020, visit the RegTech Data Summit 2019 webpage.

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