Rethink Bond Investing With Steve Shaw of BondSavvy

Steve Shaw, Founder & President – BondSavvy

You will Learn:

  • What advantages bonds have over bond funds and municipal bonds
  • What really makes bond prices go up and down (it’s not always ‘interest rates’)
  • How to achieve returns higher than a bond’s yield to maturity

Nearly everything we’ve been told about bond investing is wrong! We’ve been cajoled that you’re better off in a bond fund, that you should always hold bonds to maturity, that returns are super low and ‘interest rates’ determine bond prices. All wrong! Steve Shaw will present his unique approach to corporate bond investing, which challenges these long-held beliefs. He will show you how he analyzes new corporate bonds, and how this method provides better decision-making data than traditional bond ratings. In a nutshell, this presentation will empower you to add individual corporate bonds to your investment portfolio.

Steve Shaw is the founder and president of BondSavvy, a company that advocates an active approach to bond investing to improve investment performance.

Shaw combined his prior experience in corporate finance and bond-trading technology to develop an exclusive investment method, in which he presents BondSavvy’s subscribers with CUSIP-level investment recommendations for corporate bonds. He is the former head of Tradeweb Direct and a senior executive with BondDesk, two leading online bond-trading platforms.

Shaw was previously a senior corporate mergers-and acquisitions executive with media, fintech and financial services companies and an investment banker focused on the media, communications and financial services sectors.


Registration: 6:10 PM

Program: 6:30 PM

Q&A: 7:15 PM

Refreshments: 8:00 PM

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