Secondary Markets for Private Equity (5th Annual)

Internet Securities’ Fifth Annual ‘Secondary Markets for Private Equity’ Event

Internet Securities® is hosting its fifth annual ‘Secondary Markets for Private Equity’ event at Reed Smith Law Firm in San Francisco.

Secondary market transactions allow existing shareholders of well capitalized privately – held companies to sell their equity shares to qualified institutional investors. This provides an alternative method for existing private equity shareholders to “monetize” their shares and convert their equity into cash without having to wait for an IPO or M&A event.

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The event will include a guest speaker who will describe the growth of secondary market transactions, popular industry sectors, key trends, and advantages to the market participants (both sellers and buyers). Later, a moderated panel discussion will include pre-IPO company shareholders, institutional investors, investment bankers, securities attorneys, and others who will share their insights and experiences.

Early bird rate for this event is $15 which increases to $25 on October 13 and food and beverages will be included. Registration is required.

For Investment Panel and Guest Speaker videos from prior events, please visit:

Internet Securities ®

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Internet Securities® is an investment bank and registered investment adviser.

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