Shark Tank’ Like Challenge

Chevron Small Business and Entrepreneurship Program participants will pitch their ideas to a panel of private investors in the spirit of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’. These entrepreneurs are either starting or expanding their businesses. Come watch the pitching (and critiquing) in action.


Rick Frisbie is CEO of Silicon Fintech Bay, a startup accelerator specializing in financial technology companies. Mr. Frisbie has been a professional investor for over 30 years, with most of his career with Franklin Templeton investments.

Dixon Doll is the founder and CEO of DBM Cloud Systems, a cloud services company. Prior to his current venture he was managing director at Private Equity fund Longstreet Advisors.Carol Sands is founder and managing partner of The Angel’s Forum, an early stage investor in angel/venture startup companies. She is also managing partner of the Halo Fund, a technology venture capital group

Peter Freeman is an adjunct professor at Golden Gate University and veteran venture capital investor. Peter is co-founder of Global Renewable Energy Engines (GREEN) and principal of CFI Partners finance and accounting service.

Available in person and online

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