The 6th Annual Blockchain Securities Token Offering SEC & Tokenomics

Description 6th Annual Fintech World Alternative InvestmentConference & WorkshopCrypto Funds, Blockchain: New OpportunitiesSEC & Security Token Reg A Plus “Mini IPO”Blue Chip STO’s Pitch & Showcase Increase your visibility in space through the presentation speaking & sponsorship- STO’s’ Launches” 1 888 580 6610 Topics of discussion: The Changing Face of Tokens and the ICO Tokenomics 101 Is ethereum a security? The answer could upend the crypto world Laws, Rules, Regulations & Compliance Reg A Plus How is Blockchain Changing The Banking industry?The Future of CryptocurrencyBitcoin is a commodity or currency?Cryptocurrency Investment Course How To Prepare For ETF Cryptocurrency Market SEC – FINRA – JOBS ACT – Early Investing Family Offices – IRA TrustRules and Regulations ConsiderationRule 506(c) – Title II Title III REG D REG CFDefinition of accredited investor?Liquidity for the private securities spaceRedefining Securities Distribution through Crowdfunding Real Estate Crowdfunding Why Is Healthcare Blockchain is The Next New Frontier?Impact of crowdfunding on real estate finance and deal-makingIs Real Estate Crowdfunding Offers An Attractive Alternative To Secure Investments?The Impact of Technology and Internet on Real Estate Crowdfunding Trump to Lift Community Bank Regulations (and what that means for house flippers) Shadow BankingDodd-Frank: A Republican Congresswill likely be looking for ways to scale back time and money on business regulation.Real Estate Crowdfunding and Community Development Pros & Cons of Internet finance and lending 2018 State of CrowdFunding The business of Crowdfunding & Reaching the Goal – How to Make It Happen Multiple Faces of Crowdfunding on Equity Future of EB-5 Business Finance & CrowdfundingDisruption of Equity Crowdfunding on VC’s – Angel InvestorsIs Online Lending & Fintech industry here to stay? Exploring Title IIWhy it dominates and will continue to dominate crowdfundingWhat initiatives are being pursued to create secondary markets or other meansEffect of IPO window Regulation A+ Mini IPOMany of the Reg A deals got pulled this last year.Is this offering type holding up to investor interest?Need research on Reg CF, Reg A+, and other offerings.How much was raised, and how have they performed.Aftermarket performance of Reg A+ deals Blockchain Mastermind TOPICS Investment PitchAlternative InvestmentCrowdfunding & REGA PlusArtificial IntelligenceCryptoCurrencySTO’s Securities Token OfferingBlockchain & Real EstateDAO, The EthereumSEC Laws, Rules, Regulations & ComplianceBlockchain & Banking IndustryCryptocurrency Investment CourseETF Cryptocurrency Market Review Cryptocurrency Listings, ” cryptocurrency exchanges – qualify as securities. – SEC revealed last month that it had been investigating The DAO, the ethereum-based funding vehicle that raised more than $150 million through a token sale. The agency ultimately ruled that those tokens – which were sold and later freely traded on cryptocurrency exchanges – qualify as securities and that other token sales may fall under this definition as well. Crowdfunding Meet BlockChain Into the second year of Regulation Crowdfunding, there are now over 475 companies that have filed offering documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to raise up to $1,070,000 from their customers, communities, friends, and family “Pros and Cons of “Blockchain STO’s” STOs, Fraud or the Future? Pressure Mounts For SEC As Even More Issuers File For Bitcoin ETFs Cryptocurrencies are hot. And often the sale of cryptocurrencies is referred to as Crowdfunding. Unfortunately, the use of “cryptocurrencies” and “Crowdfunding” together creates confusion about both, along with some pretty serious legal risks. “ICO’s” continue to go wild, and now institutional VCs are taking part Over $1.2 billion in Cryptocurrency was raised through Initial Coin Offerings (“ICOs”) in the first half of 2017, far outstripping venture capital investment into Blockchain and Bitcoin firms. Of that amount, approximately $600 million was raised in last 30 days alone. Initial coin offerings (ICOs), might be subject to federal securities laws. SEC regulators are playing a game of catch-up SEC surprise announcement on ICO’s – A huge increase in ICO investment, surpassing VC funding in Blockchain market- Regulatory landscape of Cryptocurrency – digital ledger technology Blockchain technology: New policies and Application – Digital Currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum reaching their highest market cap sector- Investor perspective and education – The role of digital money in Crowdfunding– Security compliance audits- Token economy– Future of Digital Currencies Exchange – Challenges facing companies who adopt Blockchain technology: health – Education- Government – Energy- Logistics – transposition- DAO Tokens, a Digital Asset – P2P SME Lending – Reg A Plus – Corporate Investment in Digital Technology – Is ICOs are risky business? – Wild West of Finance – Wall Street Blockchain – Functionality, integration, and security

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