THE NEW CONTEXT CONFERENCE 2023 Spring 〜web3 Japan Summit in San Francisco〜

As regulators around the world are growing wary of crypto-assets, Japan is actively embracing web3 for social impact.

In this 24th edition of THE NEW CONTEXT CONFERENCE(NCC) – “web3 Japan summit in San Francisco”, we will explore the current state of the web3 ecosystem in Japan and offer insights into opportunities for global startups seeking to expand to Japan. This NCC will bring together top minds, entrepreneurs and policy makers to share insights on regulatory policies, market trends, and business opportunities in Japan’s rapidly evolving web3 space.


Since 2005, THE NEW CONTEXT CONFERENCE (NCC) has been hosted by Kaoru Hayashi and Joichi Ito, co-founders of Digital Garage. The conference brings together individuals interested in exploring cutting-edge internet technologies and the businesses that emerge around them. With a focus on the new contexts that contribute to the development of society, the conference aims to explore how digital technologies can be used to design a society based on global values such as equality, diversity, reflection, and sustainability. The event features speakers and participants who discuss and share their insights on these topics.


• The event agenda and speakers are subject to change without notice.
• This is on-site participation only. There will be no online delivery.
• Content containing personal information will be used to provide information on future events and to collect statistical data in a form that does not identify individuals, and will not be used for any other purpose. Personal information will be managed by Digital Garage, Inc.’s personal information management rules, and will be disposed of in an appropriate manner after use.

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