Thomson Reuters RegTech Challenge Final Pitch Event

The scope and complexity of regulation has widened to include almost all areas of commerce. “RegTech” is now expanding its footprint far beyond its traditional association with FinTech, reaching businesses of all shapes, sizes, and in all industries. As a result, a range of companies are stepping up to help reduce the cost and risk of compliance while simultaneously identifying new business opportunities that arise in the wake of changing regulation.

Thomson Reuters is selecting three winners of its global RegTech competition for early stage start-ups in the legal, tax and regulatory space. Seven start-ups from around the world will pitch their solutions to a panel of judges, and an audience of business and compliance leaders.

This is a great opportunity for any compliance, tax, legal, or other professionals (especially in financial services) looking to learn about what the “bleeding edge” of technology is capable of to address regulatory challenges & opportunities, as well as understand the implications of those technologies on policymaking in the US.

Featuring a keynote presentation from Susan Dudley, the top regulatory official for the George W Bush administration, on challenges and opportunities of emerging technology on U.S. regulation.
Apiax: Financial regulations mastered digitally (Zurich, Switzerland)
AplyID: AML compliant identity verification (Auckland, New Zealand)
Fatbrain: Automated AML compliance using auditable & explainable AI (New York, NY)
Finchat: Monitoring & analytics for messaging in regulated industries (Singapore)
PrivacyCheq: Reduces burden of notice and consent privacy regulations (York Haven, PA)
SILO Compliance: AML for small & mid-sized businesses (Georgetown, Cayman Islands)
SurchX: Guaranteed compliant merchant surcharging solution (Phoenix, AZ)

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