Town Hall: Art of the Side Hustle

Are you hoping to bring in a little extra this year with a side hustle? Hear from women who’ve already traveled the path—and succeeded—in this panel discussion. Whether you’re wondering how you can continue to kick ass at your day job or balance work, work, and your life, these ladies will be sharing their wisdom. Join Ladies Get Paid for an intimate panel discussion with women who’ve all taken different approaches to the side hustle. You might just find the encouragement you need to take your own leap. Our Panelists Nicole Amos, Product Strategist and Career Coach Kate Dramis, Brand Coach and Copywriter Alejandra Luaces, Owner/Founder Hell Yeah! Gluten Free Erin McClendis, Employee Benefits Consultant and Floral Designer Cristina Moscoso, Customer Success Marketer and Photographer Nicole Amos is a Product Strategist in Fintech by day and no-BS career coach who loves a good side hustle all the time in between. She helps moms who want more but lack the confidence and strategy to make things happen. She believes that your career can be defined as a lifecycle because it can take you from 9 to 5, freelance, side hustle, entrepreneurship and any variation in between. Kate Dramis is a brand coach for female entrepreneurs and copywriter for 6- and 7-figure online experts. She began her career as a copywriter for a digital agency, then went on to work in marketing strategy for a Fortune 50 brand until she took her coaching and consulting business full-time. Today, Kate serves as the CEO of Kate Creative, LLC. She’s trusted by some of the top online experts in the industry to create copy for their brands, and she also serves as a branding and messaging coach for other female entrepreneurs looking to take their businesses to the next level. As a former UX engineer, Alejandra Luaces never planned on baking to bring home the bacon. But after a few seasons of “The Great British Bake Off,” she found she wanted to fine-tune her skills. What started as a hobby creating treats for friends, family, and colleagues turned into serious commitment, where she spent hours in the kitchen before and after work. She’s now focused full-time on her business, Hell Yeah! Gluten Free, following a philosophy that allergy-friendly and tasty can work hand-in-hand. Cristina Moscoso is a full-time customer success marketer at Salesforce, a toddler mom, and also happens to run a photography side hustle since 2014. Originally from Miami, Cristina got a BFA in Studio Art from Florida State University and credits the network of supportive professional women she met here in Atlanta as her secret to a balanced and successful professional life. Erin McClendis enjoys her days as an Employee Benefits Consultant and dedicates her evenings and weekends to her own business, E. Vincent Floral Design. She has spent the last 5 years doing both, and fine tuning the balance between the two. Working in two industries that are quite different satisfies both her analytical and creative passions. She also dedicates time to writing Elle Vincent, a lifestyle blog highlighting her love of flowers, food, and a beautiful life. Event Info 6:30-7 pm Networking time, snacks, and wine 7-8 pm Discussion Organizing Committee: Elizabeth Allen Cassie Kaye Jinah Kim Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on all our upcoming events. FAQ: Can we bring our children?We know finding childcare can be hard (and expensive!) so you’re welcome to bring your kids. Feminism can never start too young. Who gets the money from my ticket purchase? In the spirit of our mission, a majority of ticket proceeds go directly to our speakers for their time and wisdom. A smaller portion goes back to Ladies Get Paid for organizational costs. **There is no recording at this town hall, however, photography may be used. By attending this event, you are consenting to have your picture taken and used.**


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