Transfers and Remittances: Startup Stories Live in Toronto and NYC

Building on last year’s successful “Two Cities” event, startups and incubators in Toronto and New York will discuss the challenges and rewards of starting up a firm in each location, with a special focus on developers and fintechs in the transfers and remittances space. NYPAY is taking the conversation to the next level with speakers and audiences in both cities, linked by live videoconference, permitting interaction by all participants. Some topics for discussion:How easy is is to get talent? What support does the government offer? What’s local networking like? How hard it it to find space? What are the regulatory and compliance hurdles? What are the opportunities for funding? How hard is it to get funded? When do you start thinking about crossing borders?Hear from startups and incubators in both markets about the challenges and rewards in each location, where we are today and what the future looks like. Presented with support from: Rich Arundel Currencycloud EVP, General Manager, North America David Lighton SendFriend CEO

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