(Virtual) Venture University – REVERSE DEMO DAY NYC – Cohort 7

We’re excited to invite you to Venture University‘s Cohort 7 REVERSE DEMO DAY!

What’s a REVERSE DEMO DAY? Glad you asked!

Venture University is an investor accelerator (vs. a startup accelerator), so rather than having startups pitch at DEMO DAY, we have the investors within the cohort pitch the companies they selected to invest in and explain why they chose to invest.

Cohort 7 investors (~0.5% accepted) are part of five deal sourcing teams: Consumer, Enterprise, Healthcare, Fintech, & Frontier Tech. Over 11 weeks they will source investment opportunities, meet with investors and startups, conduct due diligence, and invest in 2-5 companies. Meet Cohort 7.

At REVERSE DEMO DAY each investment team will share their key findings and insights from their due diligence for why they got excited about the market, the team, the solution and strategy, and some of the key traction metrics that made them say “yes” to invest.

Are you interested in co-investing with VU in our top 2-6 investment opportunities each quarter?

You can apply to join VU’s Investor Syndicate here: https://www.venture.university/join-vu-s-investor-syndicate

Are you looking to hire people to join your investment team as Analysts, Associates, Principals, or Partners?

Come meet Cohort 7’s investors to see if they are a great fit for your team. VU curates and develops the top diverse talent for the VC/PE ecosystem each quarter with top candidates that are entering the industry. If you’d like VU to send you 3-5 top candidates to interview, send us your job description here: https://www.venture.university/hire-vu

VU’s cohort members includes three types of individuals:

1) Individuals looking to break into VC / PE as Analysts, Associates, Principals, and Partners

2) First time fund managers and emerging fund managers, angel investors, and family offices looking to improve their overall VC/PE investment skills

3) Founders and entrepreneurs that are looking to join high growth businesses or start their next company


Are You An Investor? Perfect! Come meet our current cohort of investors and learn about our upcoming investments to co-invest in.

Co-Invest: Learn about new markets and companies through the eyes of our investment team. You can co-invest in the presented companies as part of our Investor Syndicate. Apply to join VU’s Investor Syndicate.

Hire VU Cohort Members & Alumni, or Work With VU Alumni: If you’re looking at hiring individuals now or in the future to join your investment team or you’re looking to join a new fund yourself, the cohort includes a highly curated selection of individuals that are looking to join investment funds or launch their own funds. Hire VU Cohort Members & Alumni.

Are You An Entrepreneur? Perfect! Come meet our investment team.

Pitch VU: Pitch VU’s investment team.

Job Opportunities or Partnerships with VU Portfolio Companies: We can recommend positions available within our portfolio of companies or intro you regarding potential partnerships with our portfolio companies.

Are You A Strategic? Perfect! Come learn about a few innovative companies that recently raised capital (they must be doing something right!) and see if there are any strategic partnerships or investment opportunities with these companies.

Interested in learning more about Venture University? Go to www.Venture.University. Venture University is currently accepting applications for the Spring 2020 (Mar 30th – Jun 12th 2020) and Summer 2020 (Jun 12th-Aug 28th) cohorts.

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