World Opportunity Forum

World Opportunity Forum (WOF) is a by invitation only high-level event for policymakers, business leaders and the international community to share key emerging technology-enabled opportunities in supporting Agenda 2030. Initiated by FinTech4Good and many international partners, the WOF is located in the heart of Washington DC.

The WOF is organized each year in cities across different countries with curated themes in supporting transformative initiatives in the area of Agenda 2030. In this DC event, we will focus specifically on sharing new models including future of currency, government as a service and other blockchain based sectoral solutions and explore how such solutions will be potentially adopted by international development community.

In the past 2 years, we have jointly organized nearly 100 large events in 10+ countries participated by 20000+ people, including over 1000+ globally renowned speakers and 500+ corporate partners. We believe that the combination of emerging technologies, transformative initiatives and enhanced regional integration will create new opportunities to make Agenda 2030 an Opportunity 2030 for all.

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