How to Land a Job in FinTech

As FinTech continues its meteoric rise, many people ask “how do I land a job in this exploding industry?” To answer, it’s important to start with an understanding of the various sectors that make up the FinTech vertical. Some sectors are white-hot, while others, luke-warm. By providing you a proper lay of the land, from payments and lending to capital markets and wealth management, we can help you explore which roles are most relevant within these sectors. Once you understand the hot sectors and top roles, you can be sure to nail your interview with the knowledge of which skillsets FinTech companies value the most.

To attack this problem, we analyzed hundreds of companies and thousands of open roles to answer key questions such as:

  • Which sectors in FinTech are hiring?
  • What types of roles are most common in FinTech?
  • How can I stand out when applying? What skills are needed?

*Special thanks to Judith Erwin, Charley Ma, and Everett Cook for contributing their insights.

Which sectors in FinTech are hiring?

The FinTech industry has been on a roll with 34B in global venture funding flowing into the vertical in 2019. These venture backed startups are on a hiring bonanza with a full tank of gas, but which sectors are hiring the most? We’ve found that Payments, Lending and Banking are currently driving almost 60% of hiring in FinTech.


Open Jobs by Industry Sector

Hot to get a job in FinTech - Jobs by Sector

“Payments, Lending and Banking are currently driving almost 60% of hiring in FinTech”

Top 3 Sectors
1. Payments - 29.8%
2. Lending - 17.4 %
3. Banking - 10.0 %

Comparatively, sectors like Capital Markets, RegTech, and WealthTech combine for fewer open roles than Payments alone.

We’ve highlighted 3 companies that are currently hiring extensively in each hot vertical. Next we’ll look at what roles they’re hiring for.

3 Payments Companies Looking for Talent:

↪ Finix
↪ DailyPay
↪ Ribbon

3 Lending Companies Looking for Talent:

↪ Bloom Credit
↪ Climb Credit

3 Banking Companies Looking for Talent:

↪ Grasshopper Bank
↪ Novo

What types of roles are most common in FinTech?

It’s no secret that growth startups are vying for technology and software engineering roles. Technical roles make up a staggering 46.9% of open roles in FinTech. 

Acquisition is absolutely essential in FinTech, so it surprised us that marketing roles make up less than 5% of open roles. Anecdotally, we’re finding FinTechs hungry for the one or two growth marketing resources but stop short of building out a robust function.

"Technical roles make up a staggering 46.9% of open roles"

FinTech Roles by Segment

Hot to get a job in FinTech - Roles in FinTech

Now that we know which roles are available, let’s dive into the skillsets that are most sought after by hiring managers.

Skill Sets for Software Engineering in FinTech

Math as a universal language certainly applies to those looking to jump into a technical career within FinTech. WIth that said, be ready to speak to API architecture and an increased focus on CX more so than you may have when interviewing at a traditional firm.

"Even though we're a bank, we're not looking for people with traditional banking mindsets. We're looking for athletes: individuals who think outside the box, have good business skills, and are able to perform more than one job function if necessary"

Judith Erwin, CEO, Grasshopper Bank

Judith Erwin

Here are some common Engineering skill sets requested:

  • Hands-on experience with API design and implementation (REST/GraphQL).
  • Experience designing and productionizing large-scale distributed systems built around machine-learned models and big data.
  • Experience building high-performance, dynamic UI programmatically using both conventional and autolayout strategies.

Skill Sets for Sales & BD in FinTech

Can you sell ice to an eskimo? Then you should be able to sell FinTech. But - FinTechs are looking for highly analytical sales teams. This doesn’t mean you need to be an AI jedi (though that may help). Instead it means you better be dangerous around a CRM and tracking sales metrics in real time.

"When applying to roles, I'd recommend thinking through what would be the potential skillsets that a company would rubric against for that role and making sure that the resume, cover letter, experiences, etc all speak to the right spikes! For example with customer facing roles, I’ll often frame an interview specifically to determine if the candidate spikes in customer empathy, problem solving ability, and cross-functional effectiveness to name a few."

Charley Ma, Head of Growth,

How to get a job in FinTech - Charley Ma

Here are some common Sales skill sets requested:

  • Analytical abilities shown to drive metrics and benchmarks, channel and customer segment level insights. An experimental curiosity to ensure continuous improvement in process and results.
  • High proficiency integrating CRM strategies, technologies, data, analysis, and communications into the sale process.
  • An understanding of product strategy and key requirements for scaling products and operations through partnerships, especially with a “users first” mentality.

Skill Sets for Product Management in FinTech

Product management is another area in which skills are highly transferable to FinTech. Many of the open roles focus heavily on process, indicative of companies undergoing constant change. Product Managers will need to balance hyper growth with repeatable processes as successful FinTechs begin to lose some of their freedom to fail fast.

Beyond core-skills, which are job-specific, we look for people that have a high degree of customer empathy, deeply understand our end-user, and can put themselves in their shoes. Ultimately we're a very dynamic team, so it's also very important that we find people with a large degree of range, that way they can adapt quickly to changes in the market and our company overall."

Everett Cook, Co-founder & CEO, Rho

Everett Cook

Here are some common FinTech Product Management skill sets requested:

  • Skilled at identifying key process gaps and filling them with highly reproducible, well-documented, and easy-to-understand workflows and roles.
  • Experience in a start-up or enterprise within a highly technical market segment, such as AI, security, finance and blockchain, or infrastructure.
  • Ability to develop, implement, enforce, and adjust scalable processes that ensure best practices in marketing and resource management.

Skill Sets for Marketing in FinTech

FinTechs are desperate to bolster their customer acquisition strategies and site marketing roles as some of the hardest to fill. These marketing roles in FinTech are significantly more data driven than in other industries. Thinking about making the jump to FinTech? It may be time to bite the bullet and complete your google analytics certification before moving forward.

Here are some common FinTech Marketing skillsets requested:

  • In-depth understanding of the main marketing channels and functions such as content, lifecycle / CRM, performance marketing and how they connect and their interplay.
  • Strong project management skills that demonstrate the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously with competing priorities and deadlines.
  • Expert quantitative and analytical abilities: you have a deep understanding of statistical analysis to assist in A/B and incrementally testing, experience writing SQL and ETL queries, and proficiency with data visualization tools (ideally Tableau and/or Looker) 

How can I stand out when applying?

So you’re ready to make the leap? Wise move! We wish you luck and will leave you with some parting wisdom...

"The best way to stand out when applying often depends on the role. Generally speaking, showing is better than telling. If you’re an engineer or product designer, your prior work should largely speak for itself. If you’re a sales-person, I expect you to be excellent at figuring out how to get me on the phone and pitching me on why you’d be a great fit."

Everett Cook, Co-founder & CEO, Rho

Everett Cook

"Diverse experience outside of work, for example at a nonprofit or in service, or in the military. We like to hire people who are multidimensional and have broad interests. As a company, we participate in Pledge 1%, and so we're looking for people community mindset."

Judith Erwin, CEO, Grasshopper Bank

Judith Erwin

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