Highlighting FinTech Leaders: Angela Ceresnie (Climb Credit)

“You can build a company focused on doing the right thing and make money”





The lending revolution is underway, as FinTech firms rush to tackle our collective fiscal woes. With the much-ballyhooed and oft-cited “$1.5 Trillion Crisis” of student debt, savvy entrepreneurs are founding solutions.

Leading the charge is NYC-based Climb Credit, a new breed of student loan lending company founded in 2014. Climb Credit is conquering the towering mountain of debt by offering loans for high-return -on-investment educational opportunities. Aspiring students can view and compare quality-verified schools that lead graduates to strong jobs with increased earning potential—which Climb Credit then funds with a “smarter” student loan.

At the helm is Angela Ceresnie, mother of two and a financial guru on a quest for lending equality. Angela, and her crack team at Climb Credit, are on a mission to transform collegiate debt through the monk-like use of data. Angela works tirelessly driven by the promise of crushing the nightmare of student debt, once and for all.

Angela is a long-time friend of Empire Startups and always one to watch. Here’s our interview…


Tell us about Climb Credit in a few words?

Leading provider of data on and financing for high ROI, skills training programs.


What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I’m the mother of 2 daughters!


Dinner with 3 people from any time across history, who would they be?

Martin Luther King, Eleanor Roosevelt, Buddha.


If you could pick any job in the world, what would it be? Aside from your current hustle.

Travel and Food Writer / Critic.


What’s your company look like 5yrs down the road?

Career transformation platform – the leading provider of access to life changing education.


What’s your favorite thing about working where you do?

Working with the amazing team.


What keeps you up at night?

Student loan crisis.


What do you think about the future of FinTech that your colleagues don’t all agree with?

You can build a company focused on doing the right thing (mission-based) and make money.


What bank or FinTech do you have the most admiration for and why?

Too many to name – I’ve been really impressed with the team we’ve partnered with at Goldman Sachs – the Urban Investment Group. The team there is sincerely devoted to increasing economic mobility and have been able to leverage the Goldman platform to do so!


How do we make the FinTech community even stronger?

Focus on the companies looking to solve large, systemic problems and help them do it!


Does Libra scare you?



Which tech giant will leap into banking first? (Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc)

They all are to some degree.

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