Highlighting FinTech Leaders: Lindsey Grossman (N26)

“I believe that the power of mobile together with strong design principles will change the way customers think about their financial wellness”






Neobanks are here to stay. VC interest in these mobile banking upstarts has ballooned to $3.7B as of 2019, a 60% increase over 2018. These digital challengers skip the traditional banking model of taking deposits and lending capital, instead generating revenue from processing fees.

Berlin-based and Peter Theil-backed N26 is a leading challenger bank making waves. The company landed in the U.S. in the summer of 2019 and has grown at a brisk clip250,000 customers in the first five months.

Here to build a transparent banking world is Lindsey Grossman, who recently spoke at CES2020 on the digital revolution in banking – check out her panel talk! Lindsey and her product development gurus have left the ashram to build the future of banking.

Pull up a cozy chair, grab your favorite banking app, and join us for this enlightening interview with Lindsey…


Tell us about N26 in a few words?

N26 is building the first mobile banking platform the world loves to use.


What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I studied abroad in India twice when I was in university, and since then, have spent significant time there in my past roles at Intuit, Stripe and APCO Worldwide.


If you could pick any job in the world, what would it be? Aside from your current hustle.

An architect working to build sustainable cities. Why? I’ve had the great joy to live in large cities around the world including NYC, London, Hyderabad, San Francisco and others and I often think about the impact that public transportation, environmental policy and city planning overall has on our lives.


What’s your company look like 5yrs down the road?

Our goal is to reach 100 million customers and become the world’s largest truly global bank. While this may sound like bold ambition, our offering and its powerful, easy-to-use features have helped us reach 5 million global customers in our first 5 years. As we expand in the United States, we remain convinced about the power of transparency and intuitive design when helping customers manage their money. The next 5 years will bring a depth in the types of problems we solve for customers and the number of places around the world that we help customers.


What (other) bank, FinTech, or VC do you have the most admiration for and why?

I’m a bit biased as I used to work there, but I have major admiration for Stripe. They continue to innovate quickly – and with sustained focus – and they attract top talent who are uniquely known for their ability to deliver results and work as a team.


Why did you decide to start or join your startup?

I joined N26 because I believe in the power of simplicity and transparency to help customers manage their money. N26 is unique in its wide geographic reach and it has large ambitions about the numerous ways it can help customers have better financial outcomes. I believe that the power of mobile together with strong design principles will change the way customers think about their financial wellness and that we can remove the fear and anxiety of understanding one’s financial health. I also joined N26 because of the team… we have employees from all over the world who come together for a single goal: to help create a bank that the world loves to use.


What is the coolest thing happening right now in FinTech, in your opinion? Who is doing it well?

Fintech companies largely understand the importance of speaking to customers in plain terms, helping them overcome the hurdles of knowledge gaps to get to better financial outcomes.

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