Highlighting FinTech Leaders: Michael Rangel (Novo)

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Founder and CEO

Novo (Banking)

Company 1-line description

Novo is a banking platform that provides better business checking accounts to today’s companies and is powered by a network of FDIC-insured community banks. Novo is bringing small business banking into the modern age with easy-to-use tools for founders on the go.


What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I still live with my co-founder.


Dinner with 3 people from any time across history, who would they be?

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Albert Einstein.


What’s your favorite thing about working where you do?

“I would rather hire a 100% culture fit than a 100% skill fit any day of the week”
Culture is a massive priority at Novo. I would rather hire a 100% culture fit than a 100% skill fit any day of the week. Working amongst some of the best and brightest minds in fintech is awesome, but what makes it even better is when people look forward to expanding the relationships outside of the office as well.


What keeps you up at night?

Ensuring our culture transcends through the organization as we continue scaling employee and user count.


What do you think about the future of FinTech that your colleagues don’t all agree with?

Banks will never truly go away. They will become more and more invisible as time goes on, but they will always continue to exist.


What bank or FinTech do you have the most admiration for and why?

Venmo (FinTech’s real OG)


Does Libra scare you?

I’ve always steered clear of dating libras.


Which tech giant will leap into banking first? (Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc)

This depends on how you describe the word “banking” … as Amazon already offers more “banking” services to businesses than most banks themselves. Who will become a full-fledged bank first? I don’t think it’d be prudent of any of them.

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