Highlighting FinTech Leaders: Sam Maule (11:FS)

“I personally don’t give a **** about my wealth number. I do care about seeing technology solutions that actually make a dent on poverty”




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SAM MAULE (Managing Partner Americas)

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“The banking industry is in a digital arms race” quips a 2018 article from Deloitte on digital banking. The future is here, and banks worldwide are scrambling to keep up.

Big, bright, and bold digital banking for the rest of the world. This is the claim of 11:FS, a London-based bank scaffolding and support ecosystem. Heads up! The wealth of information, podcasts, reports, and other miscellany coming out of this firm will bowl over the unprepared. If you are looking for the nexus of digital banking inspiration, then go no further.

Our good friends at 11:FS have finally launched in the US with Sam Maule, Managing Partner, podcast creator, and content curator. Sam doesn’t mince words and cuts right to the chase – a military mind par excellence. Sam and his band of FinTech brothers and sisters are out to change the world. Take the FinTech hill, Sam.

Hold the raucous applause for this one until after you watch their latest feature film. Welcome to the Empire, Sam Maule


Tell us about 11:FS in a few words?

We exist to change the fabric of FS by unleashing talent to deliver the content, products, and services needed for companies to become truly digital.


What’s a fun fact about yourself?

All 3 of my daughters like to rip me on Twitter. Follow @maul3x to enjoy the abuse. She’s especially talented at this for a 17 year old.


Dinner with 3 people from any time across history, who would they be and why?

Oliver Wilde as he was the life of the party, Prince as he was the party, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg as she is Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


What’s your favorite thing about working where you do?

I can’t choose one. First, just the way of working, the attitude to problem solving. For example, we’re building something really cool for a US bank, a new digital service. That’s involved myself, consulting, research, UX, UI and technology teams and the collaboration has been amazing. No ego, no death by PowerPoint, just a focus on delivering an amazing idea and then getting to build it. Second, I love our community focus and how we bring people together. We’re always looking at how we can add value to the conversation and tell interesting stories. We have Fintech Insider, of course, but we’ve just released a documentary, 11:YEARS, where we interviewed senior regulators, VCs, banks, challengers banks and fintechs to examine how the UK became such a thriving fintech hub post the 2008 crisis. How many other firms can do great research, build digital propositions and, oh yeah, do a documentary?

What (other) bank, FinTech, or VC do you have the most admiration for and why?

Actually quite a few people and companies, too many to list. Off the top of my head – for banking: Melissa Stevens at 5th 3rd, Boe Hartman at GS, Yolande Piazza at Citi. And not because of the products they’ve created but because of their management approach. I believe they understand the value of people, teams, and culture. In the banking space in particular this can easily become lip service. Fintech: Stripe. They are a beast. Pretty much everything they are releasing, and it’s a lot, is top shelf. And Kabbage. Kathryn and Rob continue to build an incredible team. VC: I admire Matt Harris at Bain, Seema Hingorani at SevenStep Capital, Matt Burton at QED, and Shauntel (Poulson) Garvey at Reach Capital (I love edtech).


How do we make the FinTech community even stronger?

Cut the BS. Have the important conversations in an open and honest way. Going back to why I love being at 11:FS we’ve built a strong community through Fintech Insider, and even more with the 11:YEARS documentary, because it’s not about us. Sure, we host it and our name is on it but it’s not ‘ours’ it’s the community’s. We want to have those conversations because we enjoy being part of them but most importantly because we believe hearing from smart people doing smart things benefits the entire community we’re so proud to be a part of.


Why/how will your company win? What’s the unique edge?

We are a consultancy company. We are only as good as the people we have on our team. I always tell my kids “You are the average of your five closets friends.” In the case of 11:FS I seriously bring hat average down as every single person on the team is brilliant in their own right. Our CEO joking calls us “The Avengers” and we always ask the folks we are hiring “What is your super power?” I’ve never worked with so many gifted people who don’t wear capes all the time. Capes are over rated btw. #Fact.


What is the coolest thing happening right now in FinTech, in your opinion? Who is doing it well?

I’m a fan of companies who can directly improve the situations of peoples’ lives. Tala, and their founder Shivani Siroya, is one of my favorite examples of this. Each customers’ unique story of how their loans have transformed their lives is a marketers dream. I personally don’t give a **** about my wealth number (sorry Bloomberg). I do care about seeing technology solutions that actually make a dent on poverty.

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