March 13th Report: Top FinTech Funding Rounds

Our first drop-in this week is the all-in-one spend management platform Airbase. The SF-based company raked in a $23.5M Series A extension, led by private equity firm Bain Capital, and is aiming at a second-year ARR 4x.

Next up is NorthOne, America’s SME challenger bank entering the ring with a $21M Series A – and the crowd chants: Rocky, Rocky, Rocky! Not to be outdone is mobile-banking startup Empower raising $20M. Founded by former Sequoia Capital partner Warren Hogarth, the company boasts 600,000 active users in just over 3 years. Out for the greater good is Welcome Technologies, a fintech platform connecting global immigrants with products and services. This certified B-corporation banked an $8M Series A.  

Texas-based crypto-focused Zabo is using its $2.5M Seed to link financial service companies and cryptocurrency wallets. Vancouver-based IOT Pay garnered a $1M Seed round. The company recently helped local Canadian supermarkets offer mobile payment solutions, such as Alipay and WeChat Pay. For those on-the-go, the Xaggo mobile app lets you pay international bills from anywhere in the world. The company recently netted a $240,000 Seed. Last but not least is DeFiner, a decentralized financial institution wishing a farewell to the intermediaries of loans, savings, payments, and other investments.




Name Funding Type Money Raised Lead Investor Announced
Series A $23,500,000 Bain Capital Ventures Mar 5, 2020
Series A $21,000,000 Battery Ventures Mar 10, 2020
Series A $20,000,000 Defy Ventures Mar 5, 2020
Series A $8,000,000 Crosscut Ventures Mar 3, 2020
Series A $8,000,000 EFM Asset Management Mar 3, 2020
Seed $2,500,000 Moonshots Capital Mar 5, 2020
Seed $1,000,000 CentreGold Capital Mar 6, 2020
Seed $240,000 SUR LLC Mar 3, 2020
Seed -- -- Mar 1, 2020
Source: Crunchbase

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