November 1st Report: Top FinTech Funding Rounds

Salt Lake City-based Galileo Financial Technologies continues eyeing the lofty reaches of fintech-stardom.  Payment processing for stellar names like Chime, Robinhood, and Monzo is big business. The math on this marvel doesn’t lie: 130% sales growth in September, $100 million net revenue, and a $77M Series A.

In true holiday spirit, fintech has spawned another mutation: insurtech, or insurance + tech. Our entrant this week is Young Alfred, an online marketplace for insurance. Just under two years old, this sprightly startup recently raised $10M in Series A from, among others, a Google AI venture fund.

For our founders out there looking for a ticket to the funding train, head over to Becomeformerly Lending Express. This online lending platform helps SMBs optimize the chances of funding success. Become had a 2-for-1 this week with a $10M Series A and $2.5M debt financing round.

Craft beer software company Ekos just popped the cork on its first funding round with a net of $8M, and a mission to empower brewmasters of all stripes.

In defiance of the season, the fintech seedlings continue to sprout. Commission software Spiff garnered a $6M raise, SaaS renewal vendor Vendr raked in $2M, and brand franchiser Oakscale collected $1.2M in greenbacks.




Name Funding Type Money Raised Lead Investor Announced
Series A $77,000,000 Accel Oct 17, 2019
Series C $60,000,000 Colchis Capital Management Oct 28, 2019
Series C $52,000,000 Georgian Partners Oct 24, 2019
Series C $31,000,000 Mosaik Partners Oct 22, 2019
Series A $10,000,000 Gradient Ventures Oct 25, 2019
Series A $10,000,000 Benson Oak Ventures Oct 29, 2019
Series A $8,500,000 Link Ventures Oct 22, 2019
Series A $8,000,000 Noro-Moseley Partners Oct 17, 2019
Seed $7,000,000 Casa Verde Capital Oct 23, 2019
Seed $6,000,000 -- Oct 21, 2019
Seed $5,400,000 Guggenheim Partners Oct 23, 2019
Seed $5,000,000 NFX Oct 21, 2019
Seed 3,600,000 Gigafund Oct 29, 2019
Series A 3,500,000 Method Capital Oct 17, 2019
Seed 2,000,000 F-Prime Capital Oct 23, 2019
Seed 1,200,000 Brett Barna, Pen King Oct 24, 2019
Seed -- GSV Ventures Oct 28, 2019
Series A -- Goldman Sachs Oct 23, 2019
Series C -- Santander InnoVentures Oct 22, 2019
Seed -- -- Oct 18, 2019
Series A -- -- Oct 25, 2019
Source: Crunchbase

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