November 29th Report: Top FinTech Funding Rounds

As the student debt crisis balloons to over $1.4T, savvy fintechs are plunging in to rescue borrowers. Take ThriveCash, which offers cash advances to students based on an in-the-bag job offer. With a who’s who investors on board, the recent $8M Series A will no doubt propel the team forward.

Offering software-as-a-service, Shield Compliance – and its $5M Series A – aims to help banks and cannabis companies play nice during this season of regulatory uncertainty. Catering to the flexible living needs of Millenials, Inhabitr raised $4M in Series A funding to continue offering rental furniture subscriptions.

For those in the holiday spirit, we’ve whipped up some delightful seed rounds. Dusty Robotics is harnessing our future robot overlords to do our bidding: automating layouts for construction sites. San Francisco-based Placement promises to help you find your dream job anywhere in the US for a small percent of your future income – no charges until you land that job. Radpay is on a mission to disrupt the global card payment industry through distributed ledger tech.

For our movie buffs out there, we are joined by two special guest stars this week. Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom recently sunk $110M into online-only digital bank Aspiration.




Name Funding Type Money Raised Lead Investor Announced
Series C $110,000,000 Leonardo DiCaprio Nov 21, 2019
Series F $102,500,000 ION Crossover Partners Nov 19, 2019
Series C $75,000,000 Redpoint Nov 21, 2019
Series C $40,000,000 -- Nov 20, 2019
Series A $8,000,000 David Sacks Dec 20, 2019
Seed $7,650,000 Gradient Ventures Nov 26, 2019
Series A $5,000,000 Copia Agro & Food Nov 20, 2019
Seed $5,000,000 NextGen Venture Partners Nov 26, 2019
Series A $4,000,000 Great North Labs Nov 20, 2019
Seed $3,000,000 Founders Fund Nov 21, 2019
Pre-Seed $1,500,000 Slow Ventures Nov 20, 2019
Seed $1,200,000 Resiliency Ventures Nov 18, 2019
Seed $1,000,000 Ripple Ventures Nov 18, 2019
Seed CA$1,000,000 Courtside Ventures Nov 21, 2019
Pre-Seed -- -- Nov 18, 2019
Source: Crunchbase

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