October 18th Report: Top FinTech Funding Rounds

Our monster raise this week comes in the form of Next Insurance and a whopping $250M Series C. Don’t be spooked: this online insurance giant just locked in a $1B valuation with $381M in funding in just three years. The digital insurance leviathan has surfaced.

On the list for this week is a grab bag of Series A all-stars. NY-based Thimble – formerly known as Verifly – managed to pull together a cool $22M funding round. Gradient A.I. is working behind the scenes to make digital insurance explosive – Forté Ventures just dropped in $6M. Barn2Door pulled in $3.4M to further its mission to empower farmers to sell direct. Late to the cookie jar is executive diligence firm Paragon Intel with its $2.4M funding.

This week’s party punchbowl comes replete with a delightful mix of seed rounds. Standouts include the cryptically named Toggle and its aim to supercharge industrial construction methods with its $3M seed. Chugging along is Rho Business Banking with a $4.9M seed to help offer financial power to needy startups. Reno-based BlocWatch continues to gather steam with a solid $5.5M seed – Bitcoin and crypto-woes notwithstanding.




Name Funding Type Money Raised Lead Investor Announced
Series C $250,000,000 Munich Re Ventures Oct 7, 2019
Series A $22,000,000 IAC Oct 15, 2019
Series A $6,000,000 Forté Ventures Oct 4, 2019
Seed $5,500,000 Mistral Venture Partners Oct 6, 2019
Seed $4,900,000 -- Oct 15, 2019
Seed $4,600,000 Hetz Ventures Oct 10, 2019
Series A $3,400,000 Lead Edge Capital Oct 4, 2019
Seed $3,300,000 M13, Silicon Valley Data Capital Oct 7, 2019
Seed $3,000,000 Point72 Ventures Oct 15, 2019
Series A $2,400,000 -- Oct 15, 2019
Seed $2,200,000 Lachy Groom Oct 7, 2019
Seed $1,000,000 -- Oct 11, 2019
Seed $320,000 -- Oct 3, 2019
Source: Crunchbase

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