We did it! 100 episodes!

For such a special occasion, my wonderful co-host, Kristen, pitched the idea for a unique version of our “Are you human?” series where we turn the tables and finally answer the question:

Am I human?

I won’t lie, it was VERY different being on the other side of one of these episodes, and I thoroughly applaud all of the previous guests for giving such amazing answers. We got to touch on a lot of things you all may not know about me. We talk about some childhood stories, bad comedy, first date tactics, conversations with Mike Tyson’s tiger, and of course, whether or not I’m frugal. 

Thank you to everyone who’s tuned in to the show over the years, you’re the ones who keep us coming back to the mic every week! 

Here’s to the next hundred, enjoy!


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(00:01:12) Kristen introduces ZAP

(00:03:16) Childhood stories and bad comedy

(00:06:15) What assumption did you have as a teenager that was totally wrong?

(00:17:14) A story that Zach’s mom wouldn’t know

(00:21:56) The ability to make friends and different levels of friends

(00:30:53) Zach’s career archetype

(00:37:55) First date tactics

(00:41:04) What trip most impacted the way you see the world?

(00:52:18) What animal would you most like to have a conversation with?

(00:56:12) What’s one thing you refuse to spend money on?

(01:01:19) Is there any luxury item you’re currently saving up for?

(01:04:35) Are you a big gift giver?

(01:14:22) What one trait do you look for in your friends that you think is undervalued?

(01:18:24) What is your biggest pet peeve in other people?

(01:26:09) What is the meaning of life?

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