Anyone else noticed that big scary shadow looming at the end of your bed? 

Turns out that has been the silly SEC this whole time! Thankfully, folks like our guest today are doing the Lord’s work in trying to influence them and shape policy to help our Fintech world. 

Anthony Cimino joins us to discuss his work as head of policy at Carta, new rules that are being implemented by the SEC, the uncertainty for future regulations, and how the everyday fintech-head can get engaged with those influencing policy. 



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(00:02:07) Anthony’s career, policy at Carta, and the philanthropic arm of fintech

(00:07:14) Building the policy team at Carta and understanding what policies are being argued today

(00:16:19) The prohibition of side-letters and new SEC standards

(00:28:42) Uncertainty and worry for future regulations

(00:35:59) How people can get engaged with those influencing policy

(00:44:44) How much policy affects people day-to-day

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