We’re back with another riveting episode of Are. You. Human? This go-round we’re joined by our neighbor from the south! And by south, I mean waaaay south. 

Like, Australia south. 

Sasha Pilch is the Co-founder of NYC Fintech Women and Principal at Fin Capital. In addition to finding out if she’s human, we hear about her upbringing Down Under, her early career in Finance, what Covid was like in Australia, and the secrets of being a Delta VIP. We also talk about her learnings from working in VC, failing at adulthood and discover the meaning of life. 



Sasha on Twitter

NYC Fintech Women

Fin Capital



(00:01:12) Sasha’s childhood in Australia & early career

(00:13:24) Why Sasha chose finance, Covid in Australia, and being a Delta VIP

(00:20:06) The 30 hour trip to Australia

(00:23:39) Sasha’s coffee order

(00:29:45) Are you frugal?

(00:43:38) Best vacations & dating

(00:57:00) Learnings from working in VC

(01:03:23) Is there a standard adult expectation you’re failing at?

(01:11:11) What is the meaning of life?

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