Can you smell it? There’s Money(20/20) in the air…

On this episode we are blessed with the presence of Ariel Cohen, CEO of Navan, and not only is he a wonderful guest for the show: He will also be a speaker alongside Ben Horowitz in Las Vegas for Money 20/20!

We have an amazing conversation deep diving into Ariel’s upbringing and we find a mutual love for basketball before going into more detail on Navan’s insane growth trajectory, developing strengths and weaknesses, navigating a wartime economy, the art of having hard conversations and so much more.

This is an incredible hour and I hope you enjoy!


Ariel on Twitter



(00:00:00) Intro

(00:02:07) Ariel’s upbringing, competition, and leadership

(00:15:07) The Navan Team

(00:16:39) Strengths vs. weaknesses

(00:22:34) Would you say we are in peacetime or wartime right now?

(00:28:55) What was it like with Ben Horowitz during Covid?

(00:34:01) The art of having hard conversations

(00:37:13) How are you segmenting your thinking and energy throughout the day?

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