Community is about having people in your corner, and at Fintech Family Hour we are all about building our corner in the industry.

On episode 101, we grow that corner by launching our first ever Co-Cast! Nicole Casperson of Fintech is Femme and I recorded an amazing conversation and have half on this feed and half on hers, which you can find on Humans of Fintech.

On my side of the mic, we cover Nicole’s process for creating content, breaking the glass ceiling in Fintech, how to build a community, her fashion inspo, and a ton more.



Fintech is Femme

Nicole on IG

Nicole on LinkedIn

Nicole on Twitter


(00:01:16) Everything is content

(00:05:48) Nicole’s process for writing her newsletter

(00:09:36) Did you have a glass ceiling to break through?

(00:15:00) Making feminine content appealing to all 

(00:19:46) Learning how to build community

(00:24:51) Do you consider your Real Talkers friends?

(00:31:14) What additional value do you create with paid subscribers?

(00:39:25) What do you wish men were doing more in Fintech?

(00:44:11) Does it ever seem like some men are theatrically feminist?

(00:46:00) How do you think about fashion?

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