What does the future of embedded finance look like in countries experiencing a financial revolution, with cultural norms so different from our own?

General Manager to Helix, Ahon Sarkar, chats with Humans of Fintech host Nicole Casperson about the homogeneity of cultural spending across the world, including the rising appetite for greater access to wealth management in India, South Korea, and India. 

Plus, Ahon and Nicole discuss the challenges niche embedded finance companies face in creating a sustainable business model and generate a few potential solutions to solve the drop-off problem.


0:00 Intro

7:10 Nerd Moments in Taiwan

11:10 Cultural Differences

16:20 Niche Play and Adjacencies

22:51 Survival of the Fittest

32:41 International Embedded Finance

40:00 Intraregional Cooperation

44:10 Fintech’s Future


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