Did you know that less than 7% of poker players are women? 

Jenny Just, the founder of Poker Power Play App, is on a mission to change that. In this episode, she and Nicole discuss the importance of women’s representation in the poker world and how playing poker can develop valuable skills for both personal and professional growth. 

Jenny shares her vision of creating a gender-neutral poker app and her goal of having half of all poker players be women. They also explore the role of women in decision-making around money and the need for more financial education programs in schools.  

Join Nicole and Jenny as they dive into the world of poker and its potential to empower women in the fintech space.


00:00:26 – The Importance of Curiosity in Money and Investing

00:02:28 – Breaking Barriers: Women in Fintech

00:09:23 – Poker: Empowering Women Personally & Professionally

00:16:04 – Closing the Gender Gap in Finance

00:21:44 – Using Poker to Empower Women in Finance

00:28:38 – Poker Power Play App Empowers Women

00:34:42 – Empowering Women in Financial Decision-Making

00:42:38 – The Journey of Poker Power


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