Trust is a crucial element in the fintech industry, and Anaid Chacon, SVP of Product Development at Argyle, knows just how important it is to establish trust with customers. 

In this episode, she and Nicole discuss the challenges of building trust in fintech and how incorporating behavioral finance elements into Argyle’s product helps to create a more trustworthy experience for its users. 

Anaid also shares her personal journey with fintech and the importance of authenticity and diversity in the fintech space. And later, she divulges why women should stop worrying about knowing everything before diving headfirst into the fintech industry.


00:00:49 – Anaid’s Story with the Fintech Industry

00:05:01 – Establishing Trust in Fintech Companies

00:08:21 – Argyle: Bringing Trust to Financial Data Access

00:12:12 – The Importance of Emotion in Fintech

00:15:06 – Incorporating Behavioral Finance into Product

00:24:04 – Navigating the Journey of Leadership

00:31:36 – How Confidence Transforms Personal Presentation

00:32:49 – Authenticity and Diversity in Fintech

00:37:21 – Bringing Transparency and Trust to Fintech


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