Meet fintech’s most influential women in the industry. Sasha Pilch, Principal at Fin Capital, Emma Zhang, Founder and CEO of Pactfi, and Kathryn Petralia, Co-Founder of Keep Financial, join Nicole live from Money 20/20 to discuss the importance of female representation and empowerment in fintech.

With women making up less than 30% of the fintech workforce and only 8% holding leadership roles, something needs to change. These inspiring women share their experiences and insights on how to break through the barriers and create a more inclusive industry.

From the importance of storytelling and confidence to the need for more female VCs and founders, this roundtable discussion covers it all, touching on the power of male allies and sponsors in supporting women in fintech.

Join us for this candid and insightful conversation as we celebrate the achievements of women in fintech and pave the way for a more diverse and inclusive future.


00:01:40 – The Importance of Female Leadership in Fintech

00:04:36 – From Investment to Fintech Success

00:08:14 – Increasing Female Representation in Fintech

00:14:21 – Leveraging Storytelling: Strength of Female Fintech Entrepreneur

00:19:27 – The Contrarian Approach to Entrepreneurship

00:22:44 – Strategies for Women in VC Funding

00:23:51 – Overcoming Biases: Women Founders and Funding

00:29:09 – Empowering Women to Build Big Ideas

00:36:01 – Breaking Gender Stereotypes in Sales

00:41:54 – The Power of Male Allies in Creating Change

00:44:29 – Fintech’s Potential to Change Lives


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