Student loan debt is a major issue in the United States, affecting millions of Americans. Nicole sits down with Laurel Taylor, CEO and Founder of Candidly, to discuss how her company is using technology to empower individuals and help them navigate the complexities of student loan repayment.


Laurel shares her personal journey and the challenges she faced in bringing her idea to life. She explains how Candidly uses AI to go beyond simple debt by helping users achieve financial wellness. On track to deliver nearly a billion dollars in student loan debt savings, Candidly is one of the foremost fintech solutions for absolving a financial crisis so many face.


Plus, Nicole and Laurel also discuss the broader implications of student debt on the economy and how technology is ultimately a force for sustainable, positive change.

00:00:02 – Navigating the World of Human Fintech

00:02:47 – The Growing Crisis of Student Debt in America

00:09:57 – How Candidly Helps Americans Manage Student Debt

00:15:34 – Overcoming Rejection: Turning Laughter into Success

00:22:36 – Human Touch: Managing Student Debt

00:28:05 – Secure Act and Student Loan Payments

00:35:10 – Staying Positive Through Uncertainty and Student Debt

00:40:16 – Enlightened Capitalism: Purpose and Profit in Fintech

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