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Aaron Ansari

Aaron Ansari

VP, Cloud One

Trend Micro

Aaron brings practical knowledge which allows him to deliver tailored solutions for his clients. This knowledge comes from over a decade as a security practitioner in the Financial Services vertical. At BMW Financial Services, Aaron served as the Chief Security Architect. He oversaw development and application of IS application security policies, standards, and guidelines. He managed compliance across the BMW & also served as a subject matter expert ensuring vendors & partners maintained BMW’s practices. Aaron built his AppSec portfolio with prior roles at JPMC, Cardinal Health and Huntington Banks. At JPMC, he led application security management of multiple security groups which included the customer deposits platform, BC&DR planning and long-term risk planning for applications. At Cardinal Heatlh, he oversaw the installation & management of intrusion detection devices globally, also conducting HIPAA audits. Aaron received his MBA from Franklin & his BS in Comp Sci from OSU. He gives back to the community and uses his experience as an instructor at Franklin University, teaching Info Sec. Aaron also has an active family life & spends much time with his two kids & wife. They reside in Dublin, Ohio and volunteers as a board member for various nonprofits. Aaron has completed several triathlons, as well as many marathons, and other runs - endurance sports are a passion of his and he'll talk your ear off about them if you let him.

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