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FinTechLit HTX! Disrupting Corporate America & Economic Predictions!

August 12, 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm


FinTechLit HTX sponsored by Sun West Mortgage Company featuring The Mortgage Mermaid, Rory Douglas and The Chopstars.

FinTechLit🔥 is inviting Colleges, Vocational Schools, Banking, Technology, Software, Real Estate, Insurance, Financial, Entertainment and Fintech companies to speak to our audience about how advancements in technology are effecting their world, as well as demonstrate how these technologies and products work if they are consumer based products. Are you an agent? We’ll also be speaking about how to properly vet applicants before sending them to your referral partners. Rory Douglas is headlining our financial literacy segment! We might even throw in some FREE CE for MLOs and Realtors!

Are you looking for a job in real estate, tech, banking, financial consulting or the mortgage business? Considering switching careers and interested in training? I urge you to check every Sunday at 9pm for FREE tickets so that we can connect YOU with recruiters, advisors and sponsors. Our sponsors are hiring for Mortgage, Real Estate, Financial Planning, Business Development, Tech, and Entertainment Careers. The Chopstars are looking for female DJs!

Solutions Created by These Events Are:

✅Recruiting, Retention, Transitioning

✅ Referrals

✅Product Branding

✅Financial Literacy Edutainment

✅Market Strategy

✅Economic Disruption

We do all we can to support those in the creative space and want to make sure you guys have all the tools you need to be successful. Do you have questions about how to obtain funding from investors, start a nonprofit, do taxes appropriately, structure a business, invest in real estate, establish and maintain partnerships with major brands? FinTechLit🔥 is putting all of those people in the same room! We have investors, self-made millionaires, developers, accountants, real estate professionals and executives at major tech and financial institutions coming to answer all your questions!

We invite professionals in mortgage and real estate to learn about Sun West Mortgages Angel.AI. AngelAi (aka Morgan) is a chat Ai, personal assistant created by Celligence International, LLC. AngelAi differs from ChatGPT because its objective is to be your empathetic personal assistant, therefore, it’s designed to complete high value, complex tasks and its results and decisions are backed* by a major national financial institution, Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc.

Solutions Created by These Events Are:

✅Recruiting, Retention, Transitioning

✅ Leads Tech-Real Estate-Mortgage

✅Product Marketing

✅Financial Literacy Edutainment

✅Market Strategy

✅Economic Disruption

#FinTechLit🔥 was created out of a need to soften the blow of technology one show at a time! When I realized that an entire role in our industry had been eliminated by AI. I was devastated. I honestly felt like a family member died. I mourned as if I had lost a loved one. I myself have been a processor, and processors are the backbone to any successful top producing Loan Officer. I was so upset I wanted to sue my boss. One day I felt like getting fired, so I hopped in my billionaire boss’s DM on LinkedIn, and told him how I felt about his fancy AI. Instead of being fired, which was what I thought was going to happen, I ended up creating a solution.

Now he laughs at my jokes on LinkedIn. Somebody better tell #elonmusk there’s about to be a Showdown in Texas! We’re coming hard with a Texas Takeover! Yeehaw!!!! 🤘🏽🤠 While #zuckerberg and #elonmusk are duking it out like dummies 🥊🥊 me, and Pavan Agarwal are going to be focused on introducing #AngelAI to the world. I appreciate him very much for allowing me to put a little human touch on technology so that hopefully I can help others transition with technology as it advances.

❤️🤍💙It’s Campaign Season!!! #FinTechLit🔥HTX 💜🤘🏽 25 City Tour Coming Up💜 😏 Disrupting Corporate America, Cultural Stigma & Economic Predictions by Providing Recruitment, Brand Awareness Edutainment Experiences, & Community Organizing While Softening the Blow of Technology, One Show at a Time.

FinTechLit! Disrupting Corporate America & Economic Predictions Everywhere!

Houston, Las Vegas, Orlando, New York, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Portland, San Diego, Los Angeles, Austin, Dallas, New Orleans, Honolulu, Denver, Washington D.C, Tampa, Seattle, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Detroit, Charlotte NC, Johannesburg South Africa, Kolkata

The Chopstars released their new venture Chop Wallet recently. We finally have the opportunity to combine the fields we love, entertainment, tech and financial literacy into a PHENOMENAL HTX one of a kind community focused FinTechLit’Edutainment Event!

This event is an extension of The First Annual Chopstars Day Celebration. Last year The Chopstars received a proclamation from Houston Mayor, Sylvester Turner, naming July 1st officially, Chopstars Day. We felt our sponsors would have greater reach by joining our annual backpack drive. This event will help us reach more families and those looking for solutions to financial obstacles and steps needed to build wealth as we move forward with technology, banking and explore how it’s impacting our livelihood. We are setting the table as best we can for Texas, our community and our city. As technology advances we will be bringing companies in to explain how various industries are being affected, and how to transition into other fields due to those being eliminated by automation.

Houston is a city full of entrepreneurs, tech professionals, entertainers, gig-workers and self-employed individuals. There have been some changes lately and big companies like Tesla are moving in. We’re covering all things related to the economic impact this is having on our state. Diving in to where opportunity zones are and how technology is driving all these industries forward full throttle.

Rory Douglas is going to be speaking on what he knows best, Financial Literacy and how to apply it to your every day life. Rory Douglas is a Financial Educator, Best Selling Author and High Performance Life Coach. He is the Founder of Aqua Financial Center in Encino, CA and he is on a National Campaign to spread Financial Literacy. His newly released book “Cracking the Rich Code” is an Amazon International Best Seller all over the world. Rory collaborated with powerhouse speakers like #1 NY Times Best Selling Author and Business Strategies Tony Robbins, American’s #1 Success coach Jim Britt and the Star of the Hit show “Shark Tank” Kevin Harrington.

Douglas has over 20 years experience in the Entertainment and Investment industry empowering entrepreneurs to pursue their purpose. He transitioned from Entertainment to the Financial Services industry as a Financial Educator and High Performance Life Coach where he leads and mentors countless amount of people including CEOs, CPA, Attorneys and several six figure earners who run their own organizations. “The average American is 1 to 2 paychecks away from being homeless and 1 and 3 are in debt”, says Douglas who is traveling all around the world speaking with Youth & Community Organizations, Colleges and Universities, Corporations as well as Ministries and Non-Profits.

Today, he supports individuals in answering the questions: “Who Am I, What do I want, and How do I get it? Douglas is a Master Coach who combines life coaching with the principles of spiritual psychology. He is passionate about supporting people out of suffering and limitation and into fulfillment. Bottom line: he helps people get “over it and on with it!”

The Mortgage Mermaid is Who Creatives Call 4 Home Loans. She specializes in Mortgages 4 REAL people w/ CREATIVE 🎭🎶🎬🏈 Income and has been Paving Paths to Lending 4 Those Who Cre8 since 2005. Amy Broadnax MLO 🏦 NMLS900671 created #FinTechLitEdutainment to honor the entertainment community by doing all she can to ensure they understand the importance of building wealth through homeownership. Also, because of her own experiences and frustrations with how rapid technology is advancing in all areas of our lives, Amy knew she had to find a way to help others who felt like her, so she created FinTechLit.

Attention Political Candidates & Those

FinTechLit🔥 is looking to partner with political candidates for our 25 city tour. We expect at least 1000 attendees per event. Please share with us what your campaigns message is and why we should consider helping you spread the word!

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