The latest funding deals and a few trends we're tracking. Ideas on what else would be helpful?


Our latest funding report includes 30+ FinTech deals, but we also want to take a peek at deals not yet on your radar. Venture funding may be a leading indicator of future partnerships or hiring, but it’s a lagging indicator of sub-sectors and trends. 

The venture capital machine Techstars recently invested in a staggering 120 startups, of which 18 are working in FinTech. 

Demo day is a lagging indicator. Get 'em while they're hot 👇👇👇


On a mission to solve the 1.6 trillion dollar student debt crisis, refinancing student loans with debt-free income share agreements.

Sub-sector: Lending

HQ: Tampa, FL, USA



Digital Experience Platform for Banks and Financial Institutions to fast track their digital journeys.

Sub-sector: Core Technology

HQ: Dublin, CA, USA



InsureTech platform offering a SaaS medical claim management and financing platform all in one.

Sub-sector: InsurTech

HQ: Dubai, UAE


Pax Credit

Digital Financial Services For International Students.

Sub-sector: Lending

HQ: Hyderabad, India


Paymob Smart Payments

Replaces conventional card payment terminals.

Sub-sector: Payments

HQ: London, UK



Neobank for the global diaspora.

Sub-sector: Digital Banking

HQ: London, England, GB


Lightning Social Ventures

Enables organizations to quickly verify and pay out funds to people in financial hardship.

Sub-sector: Personal Finance

HQ: London, England, GB


Edith Labs

Building relationships powered by equity investments.

Sub-sector: Personal Finance/Capital Markets Venn

HQ: Chicago, IL, USA



Go beyond the paycheck for your team, with the best financial support available.

Sub-sector: Personal Finance

HQ: London, England, GB



Building better financial and career services for people in healthcare, starting with income share agreements for student financing.

Sub-sector: Personal Finance/Capital Markets Venn

HQ: Oklahoma City, OK, USA



A data platform that enables financial advisors and asset managers to understand non-financial values of their clients, and align assets accordingly.

Sub-sector: Wealth Management

HQ: Los Angeles, CA, USA


Julius Tech

A flexible data & analytics platform that automates the development, deployment, and support of enterprise DS and ML applications.

Sub-sector: Core Technologies

HQ: Old Tappan, NJ, USA


A CRM and fundraising platform for non-profits so that they can run their operations more effectively.

Sub-sector: Payments

HQ: Richmond, VA, USA

A platform for enterprise product teams to explore, test, procure, and integrate 3rd party AI algorithms.

Sub-sector: Capital Markets

HQ: New York, NY, USA

Machine learning to produce the next generation of financial data for the bond market.

Sub-sector: Capital Markets

HQ: Toronto, ON, CA


A tax preparation software and practice management platform for CPA firms that utilizes AI to create tax returns and accurate, real-time estimates.

Sub-sector: Business Intelligence

HQ: Rapid City, SD, USA


Nossa Data

A platform for corporations to do Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting, data management and analytics.

Sub-sector: Business Intelligence

HQ: London, England, GB



A financial wellness app that creates personalized payment plans for individuals who want to free themselves of credit card debt.

Sub-sector: Personal Finance

HQ: Brooklyn, USA



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Q1 Capital Raised (M)


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Q2 Capital Raised (M)


Q3 FinTech Deals


Q3 Capital Raised (M)


Q4 FinTech Deals


Q4 Capital Raised (M)


2020 FinTech Deals


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  • Payments/Billing (15.54%)
  • InsurTech (10.26%)
  • Capital Markets (9.53%)


  • Wealth Management (12.44%)
  • Capital Markets (11.14%)
  • InsurTech (9.84%)


  • InsurTech (21.69%)
  • Personal Finance (12.05%)
  • Business Intelligence (9.64%)


Mortgage/Real estate6.06% (66)7.75% (68)1.69% ▲
Payments/Billing12.58% (137)14.14% (124)1.56% ▲
Wealth Management7.35% (80)8.67% (76)1.32% ▲
Business Intelligence6.34% (69)4.68% (41)-1.66% ▼
Blockchain/Crypto8.82% (96)7.07% (62)-1.75% ▼
Digital Banking9.18% (100)7.53% (66)-1.66% ▼


Period: 02/17/2021 - 03/03/2021

NameFunding TypeMoney RaisedVerticalLead InvestorHeadquartersAnnouncedHiring?
Sources: Crunchbase, Empire Startups. Data is current as of March 3, 2021
FinaloopPre-Seed--Core TechnologyAxon VenturesBrooklyn, New York, United StatesFebruary 15, 2021
XCLAIMSeed$6,600,000Lending--Los Angeles, California, United StatesFebruary 15, 2021
Citadel - Payroll APIsSeed$3,500,000Core TechnologyAbstract VenturesSan Francisco, California, United StatesFebruary 16, 2021
Pawlicy AdvisorSeries A$6,500,000InsurTechRho Capital PartnersNew York, New York, United StatesFebruary 16, 2021
RheaplySeries A$8,000,000Business IntelligenceHigh AlphaChicago, Illinois, United StatesFebruary 16, 2021
TitanSeries A$12,500,000Wealth ManagementGeneral CatalystNew York, New York, United StatesFebruary 16, 2021
KalshiSeries A$30,000,000Capital MarketsSequoia CapitalNew York, New York, United StatesFebruary 17, 2021
GravySeries A$4,500,000Payments/BillingArlington Family OfficesAtlanta, Georgia, United StatesFebruary 17, 2021
PaerpayPre-Seed--Payments/BillingChingona VenturesBoston, Massachusetts, United StatesFebruary 17, 2021
CarefullSeed$3,200,000Personal FinanceBessemer Venture PartnersNew York, New York, United StatesFebruary 17, 2021
Public.comSeries D$220,000,000Wealth ManagementGreycroftNew York, New York, United StatesFebruary 17, 2021Job Openings
QuadencySeed$100,000Blockchain/CryptoDash Investment FoundationNew York, New York, United StatesFebruary 18, 2021
KindHealthVenture - Series Unknown$4,000,000InsurTech--Austin, Texas, United StatesFebruary 18, 2021
PromiseSeries A$20,000,000Payments/BillingKapor CapitalOakland, California, United StatesFebruary 18, 2021
AllocationsVenture - Series Unknown$1,000,000Capital MarketsHelios CapitalSan Francisco, California, United StatesFebruary 19, 2021
Circulo HealthSeries A$50,000,000InsurTechDrive CapitalColumbus, Ohio, United StatesFebruary 19, 2021
YuansferSeed$3,000,000Payments/Billing37 AngelsNew York, New York, United StatesFebruary 19, 2021
Banks Best RatesSeed$155,000Personal FinanceDave GoodmanWentzville, Missouri, United StatesFebruary 20, 2021
EquityBeeSeries A$20,000,000Capital MarketsGroup 11Palo Alto, California, United StatesFebruary 22, 2021Job Openings
FlueidSeries A--InsurTechAquiline Technology GrowthAustin, Texas, United StatesFebruary 22, 2021
BorrowellSeries CCAD25,000,000LendingBDC CapitalToronto, Ontario, CanadaFebruary 22, 2021Job Openings
Koffie LabsSeed$3,000,000InsurTechLerer HippeauBrooklyn, New York, United StatesFebruary 23, 2021
BeSmarteeVenture - Series Unknown--LendingM33 GrowthHuntington Beach, California, United StatesFebruary 23, 2021
WisetackVenture - Series Unknown$19,000,000LendingBain Capital VenturesSan Francisco, California, United StatesFebruary 23, 2021
Episode SixSeries B$30,000,000Payments/BillingAnthos CapitalAustin, Texas, United StatesFebruary 23, 2021
FundGuardSeries A$12,000,000Wealth ManagementBlumberg CapitalNew York, New York, United StatesFebruary 23, 2021
PureStream Trading TechnologiesSeries A$14,000,000Capital MarketsNasdaq VenturesNew York, New York, United StatesFebruary 24, 2021
EarnUpSeries B$25,000,000LendingBain Capital VenturesSan Francisco, California, United StatesFebruary 24, 2021Job Openings
AnchorageSeries C$80,000,000Blockchain/CryptoGICSan Francisco, California, United StatesFebruary 25, 2021Job Openings
Stori CardSeries B$32,500,000Digital BankingLightspeed Venture PartnersWashington, District of Columbia, United StatesFebruary 25, 2021Job Openings
First BoulevardSeed$5,000,000Digital BankingAnthemis GroupOverland Park, Kansas, United StatesFebruary 26, 2021
AxoniusSeries D$100,000,000Cyber/FraudStripesNew York, New York, United StatesMarch 1, 2021Job Openings
QUASH.AISeed--Lending--Miami, Florida, United StatesMarch 1, 2021


We begin our weekly roundup with a first-in-FinTech experience sure to wow! you out of those COVID blues: pick six lucky numbers and you could win millions.

Alas, this is not an advertisement for your local lotto but a VC-backed FinTech adventure called The age of lotto FinTech has dawned with this stealthy startup “gamifying altruism through social media” having just landed $3M in seed funding. The Empire brain trust continues to tussle with the exact classification of this scheme: Is it wealth? Is it personal finance? Or is it just some combination of gaming or gambling? If it is the latter, the now disingenuously named Robinhood trading app may well be a gaming company. ($GME to the moon.)

On to the recent funding rounds. Our lucky numbers selection this week is Cincinnati-based Coterie Insurance. The team has another $11.5M to continue to tackle commercial insurance with an API-based approach. Later stage deals and pouring one out for our Cap Mkts homies, NYC-based Axoni, landed $31M in funding from big-name capital behemoths such as Citi, Goldman Sachs, and JPMorgan. While your crypto-investments skyrocket, these folks are using the underlying distributed ledger technology (DLT) to reimagine financial market infrastructure. Personally, I’ve been somewhat surprised by the balance-sheet strategy here. Last up, wealth management firm Human Interest and its $55M Series C. The firm is headquartered in San Francisco and works tirelessly to help SMBs with 401(k)s and other employee retirement investments.



Period: 02/03/2021 - 02/17/2021

Name Funding Type Money Raised Vertical Lead Investor Announced
Sources: Crunchbase, Empire Startups. Data is current as of February 17, 2021
Axoni Series B $31,000,000 Capital Markets Deutsche Bank February 1, 2021
Buy It Mobility Venture - Series Unknown $3,873,066 Payments/Billing -- February 1, 2021
Cultivo Venture - Series Unknown $1,358,984 Wealth Management -- February 1, 2021
Quantifind Venture - Series Unknown $22,000,000 RegTech In-Q-Tel February 1, 2021
Millions Seed $3,000,000 Personal Finance 8VC February 2, 2021
Routefusion Seed $3,600,000 Payments/Billing Silverton Partners February 2, 2021
TrustLayer Seed $6,600,000 InsurTech Abstract Ventures February 2, 2021
Kountable Inc. Series A -- Other Lateral Capital February 2, 2021
Narmi Series A $20,400,000 Core Technology New Enterprise Associates February 2, 2021
Valon Technologies Series A $50,000,000 Mortgage/Real estate Andreessen Horowitz February 2, 2021
Dealer Policy Series B $30,000,000 InsurTech 3L Capital February 2, 2021
Clarity AI Venture - Series Unknown $24,000,004 Wealth Management -- February 2, 2021
Casa Seed $4,000,000 Blockchain/Crypto Avon Ventures February 3, 2021
Crush Capital Seed $3,250,000 Wealth Management Arlan Hamilton February 3, 2021
Rarible Seed $1,750,000 Blockchain/Crypto 1kx February 3, 2021
Rightfoot Seed $5,000,000 Personal Finance Bain Capital Ventures February 3, 2021
Opyn Series A $6,700,000 Blockchain/Crypto Paradigm February 3, 2021
LeaseLock Series B $52,000,000 InsurTech Westerly Winds February 3, 2021
Stash Series G $125,000,000 Wealth Management Eldridge February 3, 2021
Eusoh Venture - Series Unknown $1,300,000 InsurTech -- February 3, 2021
CredCompare Seed -- Lending ATOORO FUND February 4, 2021
Vested Finance Seed $3,600,000 Wealth Management Venture Catalysts February 4, 2021
Built Technologies Series C $88,000,000 Lending Addition February 4, 2021
ShelterZoom Venture - Series Unknown $4,580,244 Blockchain/Crypto -- February 4, 2021
Coterie Insurance Series A $11,500,000 InsurTech Intact Ventures February 5, 2021
Ledn Seed $2,700,000 Wealth Management Global Founders Capital February 8, 2021
Zeta Pre-Seed $1,500,000 Digital Banking Deciens Capital February 9, 2021
Symend Series B CAD54,000,000 Personal Finance Inovia Capital February 9, 2021
Equal Ventures Venture - Series Unknown $15,000,000 InsurTech -- February 9, 2021
Fair Fintech Venture - Series Unknown $20,000,000 Digital Banking -- February 9, 2021
Mesh Payments Venture - Series Unknown $13,000,000 Payments/Billing TLV Partners February 9, 2021
Level Pre-Seed $1,500,000 Lending NextView Ventures February 10, 2021
Marble Seed $2,500,000 InsurTech Fintech Ventures Fund February 10, 2021
TomoCredit Seed $7,000,000 Lending BAM Ventures February 10, 2021
SoLo Funds Series A $10,000,000 Lending ACME Capital February 10, 2021
NYMBUS Series C $53,000,000 Core Technology Insight Partners February 10, 2021
Celo Venture - Series Unknown $20,000,000 Payments/Billing Andreessen Horowitz February 10, 2021
Fraction Venture - Series Unknown CAD289,000,000 Lending Impression Ventures February 10, 2021
Purpose Financial Venture - Series Unknown $53,500,000 Wealth Management Allianz X February 10, 2021
PayZen Seed $5,000,000 Payments/Billing Picus Capital February 11, 2021
Capitalize Series A $12,500,000 Personal Finance Canapi Ventures February 11, 2021
UpEquity Series A $7,500,000 Mortgage/Real estate Next Coast Ventures February 11, 2021
Human Interest Series C $55,000,000 Wealth Management Glynn Capital Management February 11, 2021
CryptiSwap Pre-Seed $65,000 Blockchain/Crypto -- February 13, 2021 Series A $8,000,000 InsurTech -- February 14, 2021

This week’s magic number is 1.7 – one billion, seven hundred million dollars in total funding flooding into the wide world of FinTech. Lending in Q1 is off to an especially active start. Let’s hit the list to see which startups are making waves.

New York-based startup Instnt, having lost a key vowel, has managed to find that sneaky letter at the end of a Series funding round. The $7M-and-change Series A is powering this core tech/fraud company. Fun fact: In a previous work-life iteration, Instnt CEO and Founder Sunil Madhu was CEO and Founder of an Empire alum and crowd favorite, Socure. Sunil, cheers to you old sport!

Digital Banking is a hot ticket that was given a boost by COVID-19 and the transition to Zoom-life. Yotta Savings is another innovator in the space, offering free savings accounts and other goodies. This startup pulled in a $13m Series A raise just months after closing a Seed round. Lead investor for this most-recent round, Base10 Partners, must have been wowed by Yotta’s Q4 2020 growth numbers. Oh, and before we forget, do take a minute to check out the recent Forbes article on the work these fine folks are doing.

Our secretive seed this week comes in the form of Pontoro, a capital markets FinTech on a mission to transform infrastructure financing. This involves creating “custom portfolios of infrastructure assets within its tokenization platform and facilitate bi-lateral liquidity among participants”. Two interesting developments worth noting. 1) The startup is now Techstars-backed, and 2) They are backed by the Abu Dhabi program, which highlights how FinTech and digitization are growing in the Middle East.




Period: 01/18/2021 - 02/02/2021

Name Funding Type Money Raised Vertical Lead Investor Announced
Sources: Crunchbase, Empire Startups. Data is current as of February 2, 2021
Yuansfer Seed -- Payments/Billing Moayed Almoayed January 3, 2021
Ntropy Network Seed $3,239,998 Payments/Billing -- January 8, 2021
Pontoro Seed Capital Markets Franklin Templeton Investments January 8, 2021
CarrotFi Seed $100,000 Mortgage/Real estate Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator January 11, 2021
FeeBelly Pre-Seed $200,000 Personal Finance -- January 11, 2021
Imprint Venture - Series Unknown $14,000,773 Payments/Billing -- January 11, 2021
PolySign Venture - Series Unknown $7,700,000 Capital Markets -- January 11, 2021
Instnt Series A $7,024,254 Core Technology -- January 12, 2021
Loop Seed $3,250,000 InsurTech Freestyle Capital January 13, 2021
Clarity AI Venture - Series Unknown Wealth Management BlackRock January 14, 2021
Home Lending Pal Seed $900,000 Mortgage/Real estate Bluewave Investment Partners January 15, 2021
Apiture Venture - Series Unknown $10,000,000 Core Technology Bankers Healthcare Group January 19, 2021
Arbol Series A $7,000,000 InsurTech Mubadala Capital January 19, 2021
Axela Technologies Series A $10,000,000 Payments/Billing Blueprint Equity January 19, 2021
Brigit Series A $35,000,000 Personal Finance Lightspeed Venture Partners January 19, 2021
Spinwheel Seed $3,649,999 Lending -- January 19, 2021
Trovata Series A $20,000,000 Capital Markets Wells Fargo Strategic Capital, Inc. January 19, 2021
Flaist Pre-Seed Core Technology Techstars Hub71 January 20, 2021
MotoRefi Series A $10,000,000 Lending Moderne Ventures January 22, 2021
Parkside Series A $24,000,000 Capital Markets -- January 22, 2021
SafetyWing Series A $8,000,000 InsurTech Creandum January 22, 2021
CrowdfundNC Seed $1,500,000 Capital Markets -- January 25, 2021
Goalsetter Seed $3,900,000 Digital Banking Astia January 25, 2021
Melio Series C $110,000,000 Payments/Billing Coatue January 25, 2021
Paymerang Venture - Series Unknown $10,000,000 Payments/Billing Aldrich Capital Partners January 25, 2021
Print Financial Seed $2,000 Lending -- January 25, 2021
Albert Series C $100,000,000 Personal Finance General Atlantic January 26, 2021
Bbot Seed $4,000,000 Payments/Billing Rally Ventures January 26, 2021
dYdX Series B $10,000,000 Blockchain/Crypto Defiance Capital January 26, 2021
Joshu Seed $3,700,000 InsurTech Blumberg Capital January 26, 2021
MPOWER Financing Venture - Series Unknown $25,000,000 Lending Tilden Park Capital Management LP January 26, 2021
Pilot Series C $60,000,000 Business Intelligence Sequoia Capital January 26, 2021
Roostify Series C $32,000,000 Lending Ten Coves Capital January 26, 2021
Sidecar Health Series C $125,000,000 InsurTech Drive Capital January 26, 2021
Wyre Venture - Series Unknown $7,500,000 Payments/Billing Stellar Development Foundation January 26, 2021
Check Technologies Series B $35,000,000 Core Technology Thrive Capital January 27, 2021
Doorvest Seed $2,500,000 Mortgage/Real estate Mucker Capital January 27, 2021
MainStreet Venture - Series Unknown RegTech SignalFire January 27, 2021
Milo Seed $6,000,000 Lending QED Investors January 27, 2021
Abound Seed $6,000,000 Business Intelligence Point72 Ventures January 28, 2021
Aspiration Venture - Series Unknown $50,000,000 Digital Banking FootPrint Coalition January 28, 2021
Yotta Savings Series A $13,200,000 Digital Banking Base10 Partners January 28, 2021
Robinhood Venture - Series Unknown $1,000,000,000 Wealth Management Sequoia Capital January 29, 2021

Historically, Q1 is the busiest time of the year for FinTech fundraising. We have a paltry ~30 deals so far this year – did everyone get the memo?

A quick glance at the sub-sectors in our list this week shows two curious outliers: wealth management and personal finance. The Empire Brain Trust isn’t surprised, given firms began to re-evaluate partners in light of the increasing shift-to-digital brought on by pandemic restrictions globally. Consumers followed suit, shifting to digital banks for a host of reasons – rapid access to stimulus funds being one compelling reason.

With the above, we offer one prediction for 2021: partner re-evaluation continues for the foreseeable future and so venture capitalists place bigger bets. Now onto the show.

In light of the rapid rise of Bitcoin over the past month, we begin this week with a nod to crypto- and blockchain-enthusiasts in the crowd. Our list features two venture rounds and one Series A from FinTech startups pioneering the space. Our Series A belongs to LA-based Arca, a financial services firm focusing on crypto-assets and blockchain investments. The $10M Series A was led by venture capital firm RRE Ventures, known for having backed some noteworthy names: Venmo, BuzzFeed, and NerdWallet, to name a few.

Before we leave you, let’s conclude with two select seed rounds. Personal Finance startup Secure landed $3.5M to help employers build out emergency savings accounts (ESAs) for employees. The company is tackling a problem COVID-19 has only made worse: financial stress caused by unexpected expenses. In the real estate space, we have LEX Markets. The company secured $6M aiming to make investing in commercial real estate public through single-asset IPOs.



Period: 01/04/2021 - 01/17/2021

Name Funding Type Money Raised Vertical Lead Investor Announced
Sources: Crunchbase, Empire Startups. Data is current as of January 17, 2021
BusyKid Seed $800,000 Personal Finance -- January 4, 2021
Diligend Seed $1,300,000 Capital Markets -- January 4, 2021
Periculum Pre-Seed -- Lending -- January 4, 2021
Divvy Series D $165,000,000 Payments/Billing PayPal Ventures January 5, 2021
Miventure Seed $439,000 Wealth Management -- January 5, 2021
PredictAP Venture - Series Unknown $2,765,000 Payments/Billing -- January 5, 2021
SimpleNexus Series B $108,000,000 Mortgage/Real estate Insight Partners January 5, 2021
Capitalize Series A $12,271,417 Personal Finance -- January 6, 2021
Groundspeed Analytics Series C -- InsurTech Insight Partners January 6, 2021
Levo Financial Pre-Seed $400,000 Digital Banking -- January 6, 2021
Apollo Insurance Series A $13,500,000 InsurTech Gravitas Securities January 7, 2021
Carpay Series A $6,500,000 Lending Autotech Ventures January 7, 2021
Predictive Trading Systems Seed $333,089 Capital Markets -- January 7, 2021
PrefLogic Venture - Series Unknown $1,310,000 Wealth Management -- January 7, 2021
SoFi Venture - Series Unknown $369,840,376 Digital Banking -- January 7, 2021
Xiggit Pre-Seed $125,000 Personal Finance -- January 9, 2021
Altruist Venture - Series Unknown -- Wealth Management Venrock January 11, 2021
Jassby Venture - Series Unknown $2,900,000 Blockchain/Crypto SeedInvest January 11, 2021
Brace Series B $15,700,000 Mortgage/Real estate Canvas Ventures January 12, 2021
dv01 Series B $6,000,000 Capital Markets Pivot Investment Partners January 12, 2021
Modern Treasury Series B $38,000,000 Payments/Billing Altimeter Capital January 12, 2021
Arca Series A $10,000,000 Blockchain/Crypto RRE Ventures January 13, 2021
Blend Series G $300,000,000 Lending Coatue January 13, 2021
LEX Markets Seed $6,000,000 Mortgage/Real estate Inertia Ventures January 13, 2021
MX Technologies Series C $300,000,000 Core Technology TPG January 13, 2021
Rho Business Banking Series A $15,000,000 Digital Banking M13 January 13, 2021
Secure Seed $3,500,000 Personal Finance SeaChange January 13, 2021
Bookkeeper360 Seed $1,000,000 Business Intelligence -- January 14, 2021
Own Up Series B $12,000,000 Lending Brand Foundry Ventures January 14, 2021
Prometheum Venture - Series Unknown $15,000,000 Blockchain/Crypto -- January 14, 2021
X1 Card Venture - Series Unknown $12,000,000 Lending Spark Capital January 14, 2021

We made it – 2021 is here. And with this new year comes a rapidly evolving venture funding situation in FinTech. A first major trend is the influx of capital at Series A. Early-stage investment firms, such as QED Investors and Coatue, have both played king-maker in 2020. In Q4 of 2020, QED filled the coffers of Provide with a $34M Series A. That same quarter, Coatue raised a king’s ransom for both Ramp ($34M) and Gorillas ($44M) Series A funding rounds.

This brings up a second point. Series A funding rounds averaged $8.6M in 2020 nationally. Our question: Can businesses move fast enough to catch up to the valuations from these funding rounds? As Series A funding rounds continue to grow, a chasm is created between Series A and seed rounds. We may need to consider a new round name. Seed extensions doesn’t sound quite right. Maybe, seed-plus? Food for thought.

In the spirit of a dawning new year, we are focusing on those just-blossoming companies at the seed stage. Our list this week comes packed with eight seedlings, of which we’ve selected three.

The FinTech lending startup TradeUp out of Y Combinator in Q1 of 2020. Three quarters later the company announced a $4M-and-change seed round. The company is following the path-of-most-disruption in the student loan market, and offers income share agreements (ISAs) to those training for a new career. Umba, a digital bank made for Africa, landed a recent $2M seed round. The bank operates in Kenya and Nigeria, and will likely capitalize on the worldwide growth of digital banking. Business intelligence startup XILO raised $2M+ in December 2020, having had two pre-seed rounds earlier in the year. This startup makes a sales and quoting platform for insurance agencies.


Period: 12/17/2020 - 01/03/2021

Name Funding Type Money Raised Vertical Lead Investor Announced
Sources: Crunchbase, Empire Startups. Data is current as of January 3, 2021
NetGiver Seed $1,500,000 Personal Finance -- December 14, 2020
Self Financial Series D $40,000,000 Lending Meritech Capital Partners December 15, 2020
Vise Series B $45,000,000 Wealth Management Sequoia Capital December 15, 2020
Provide Series A $34,000,000 Digital Banking QED Investors December 15, 2020
Conio Series B $14,000,000 Blockchain/Crypto Banca Generali December 15, 2020
Paxos Series C $142,000,000 Blockchain/Crypto Declaration Partners December 16, 2020
Bestow Series C $70,000,000 InsurTech Valar Ventures December 16, 2020
Neo Financial Series A $25,000,000 Digital Banking Valar Ventures December 16, 2020
Paywoke Pre-Seed -- Core Technology -- December 16, 2020
Oscar Health Venture - Series Unknown $140,000,000 InsurTech Tiger Global Management December 17, 2020
Ramp Series A $30,000,000 Payments/Billing Coatue December 17, 2020
FalconX Venture - Series Unknown -- Blockchain/Crypto American Express Ventures December 17, 2020
Umba Seed $2,000,000 Digital Banking Act Venture Capital December 17, 2020
Openly Series B $40,000,000 InsurTech Advance Venture Partners December 17, 2020
Neat Capital Series C $20,499,999 Mortgage/Real estate -- December 17, 2020
TAP Network Series A $4,000,000 Core Technology Access Industries December 18, 2020
Avenue 8 Seed $4,000,000 Mortgage/Real estate Craft Ventures December 18, 2020
Foresight Risk and Insurance Services Series A $20,500,000 InsurTech Brick & Mortar Ventures December 18, 2020
Very Good Security Series C $60,000,000 Cyber/Fraud Vertex Ventures December 18, 2020
XILO Seed $2,040,000 Business Intelligence New Stack Ventures December 18, 2020
TradeUp Seed $4,011,495 Lending -- December 18, 2020
MIAX New Jersey Funding Round $94,924,228 Capital Markets -- December 18, 2020
Positivly Seed $2,500,000 Wealth Management The Tifin Group December 20, 2020
Bolt Series C $75,000,000 Payments/Billing General Atlantic December 21, 2020
Qualia Series D $65,000,000 Mortgage/Real estate Tiger Global Management December 21, 2020
Perch Credit Seed $2,500,000 Lending Citigroup December 21, 2020
Oxygen Series A $17,000,000 Digital Banking Runa Capital December 21, 2020
LifeRaft Seed $3,500,000 InsurTech XYZ Venture Capital December 22, 2020
Flowcast Convertible Note $3,000,000 Lending Katalyst.Ventures December 22, 2020
Finix Payments Series B -- Payments/Billing -- December 23, 2020
Qoins Seed -- Personal Finance Partnership Capital Ventures December 30, 2020
Periculum Pre-Seed -- Lending -- January 4, 2021

With this, our final FinTech funding round report, we want to breathe a collective sigh of relief that the end is just around the corner. While this was a difficult year for all of us, we want to end on a positive note. In addition to a few select funding highlights from the week, we have a gift for you: a FinTech Year In Review. First up: two startups.

Andreessen-Horowitz-backed Moov just landed a $27M Series A to build up a financial services tech stack for embedding bank software. This funding round comes just four months after the company secured a $5.5M Seed round. Step, a digital bank for teens, made our list this week with a Series B to the tune of $50M. The company is off to a strong start, having garnered 500,000 users in just two months post-launch.

Now, read on for our FinTech Year In Review: a breakdown of the sectors that saw the highest and lowest growth in 2020, including total deals and year-over-year deals by percentage.

Mortgage / Real Estate

This year witnessed a surge in Mortgage and Real Estate startups. If the trend continues, expect to see upwards of twice as many deals in this vertical by this time next year.

Total Deals = 66

YoY Deals = 1.75% ▲

Payments / Billing

Digital payments continues its epic climb, while unfortunately, B2B check writing ventures have reached an all-time low. We expect these trends to continue into next year.

Total Deals = 137

YoY Deals = 1.60% ▲

Wealth Management

In years with market corrections, we typically see a significant focus on wealth, and that is what our stats bear out. The drivers: consumers re-evaluating partners and refocusing on the digital, and advisors failing to scale and shopping for solutions.

Total Deals = 80

YoY Deals = 1.07% ▲

Blockchain / Crypto

We saw a general cooling off of the crypto space in 2020, although we expect this trend to reverse, as investors and entrepreneurs will both be borne out by the current bull market.

Total Deals = 96

YoY Deals = 1.84% ▼

Business Intelligence

Precipitous drop in BI deals in 2020. Finance, accounting, and overall business analytics can be seen as a cost-center for struggling SMBs. We're still strong believers that the SMB market is ripe for FinTech so expect this to revert to the mean in 2021.

Total Deals = 69

YoY Deals = 1.65% ▼

Digital Banking

We continue to maintain that 2019 was almost too hot for challenger banks – naturally, this had to cool off. Digital banking continues to remain a leading area of investment, but expect it to be more tempered.

Total Deals = 100

YoY Deals = 1.73% ▼


Period: 11/30/2020 - 12/16/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Vertical Lead Investor Announced
Sources: Crunchbase, Empire Startups. Data is current as of December 16, 2020
Found Series A $12,750,000 Digital Banking Sequoia Capital November 30, 2020
Karus Pre-Seed $1,000,000 Lending -- November 30, 2020 Series C $81,000,000 Core Technology GS Growth December 2, 2020
Step Series B $50,000,000 Digital Banking Coatue December 2, 2020
Finicast Seed $999,991 Business Intelligence -- December 2, 2020
Dayforward Series A $20,000,000 InsurTech Munich Re Ventures December 2, 2020
IEX Group Venture - Series Unknown -- Capital Markets Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec December 3, 2020
FloatMe Seed $3,700,000 Lending ManchesterStory Group December 3, 2020
Moov Series A $27,000,000 Core Technology Andreessen Horowitz December 4, 2020
Envel Venture - Series Unknown -- Digital Banking Meyer Equity December 5, 2020
Fundera Series E $20,000,000 Lending FundersClub December 7, 2020
At-Bay Series C $34,000,000 InsurTech Qumra Capital December 8, 2020
battleface Series A $12,000,000 InsurTech Drive Capital December 8, 2020
Synctera Seed $12,400,000 Core Technology Lightspeed Venture Partners December 8, 2020
Unit Series A $15,000,000 Core Technology TLV Partners December 8, 2020
OpenFin Venture - Series Unknown -- Core Technology Bain Capital Ventures December 9, 2020
Squire Series C $45,000,000 Payments/Billing ICONIQ Capital December 9, 2020
HealNow Seed $1,300,000 Payments/Billing Alabama Futures Fund December 9, 2020
Lukka Series C $15,000,000 Blockchain/Crypto State Street December 10, 2020
BestEx Research Series A $5,000,000 Capital Markets QC VENTURES December 10, 2020
LendingHome Series E $75,000,000 Lending Benefit Street Partners December 10, 2020
iraLogix Series B $7,500,000 RegTech Great North Labs December 10, 2020
TradeSun Venture - Series Unknown $60,000 Lending -- December 10, 2020
Metechi Seed $5,000,000 Lending Shimon Weintraub December 11, 2020
CNote Venture - Series Unknown $3,000,000 Wealth Management ManchesterStory Group December 14, 2020
Homebuyer Seed $1,400,000 Mortgage/Real estate VC firm December 14, 2020 Series C $65,000,000 Wealth Management Accel December 15, 2020

The FinTech deal buffet continues despite the best efforts of the post-Thanksgiving tryptophan overload. The dozen-plus seed deals alone last month show the appetite for more less Turkey and a second portion of FinTech. There is a general hunger among individuals and family offices for exposure to the FinTech space, as private equity piles on the value creation, and the public market grow to large for their stretchy-pants.

With the FinTech feast in full swing, how does one get a slice of the investment pie? The many ingredients make for a steep learning curve: deal flow, diversification, investment vehicles, and diligence, among others. Rest easy as we bring you the Empire FinTech Investment Series, a three-part series for family offices, experienced accredited investors, and aspiring angels. RSVP now as spots are going fast!

Let’s look at a few of this week’s funding round companies and the questions new investors will have prior to investing. Our investment series will address these questions and many more.

  • Productify. The company raised a $2.35M Seed round to further develop a platform for customers to rapidly build and deploy financial applications. This “Core Technology” of FinTech is white-hot right now, attracting tremendous attention. We call this the platformification of FinTech. Question: How do you value companies like this at the seed stage?  
  • Trust & Will. Our friends here raised a $15M Series B to continue expanding online trust and estate planning. This is the second major financing this year as the company looks to grow beyond the 160,000 users it has acquired in just over two years. Question: How do you find a company with this much potential at its seed stage?  
  • Tenth. The company raised $5M in Venture funding to erase the wealth gap and to empower financial education for Black Americans. Challenger banks like Tenth continue to attract billions in funding. In a crowded space, is there enough room for more? Question: How should you diligence such deals, assuming you can find them in the first place?


Period: 11/10/2020 - 11/30/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Vertical Lead Investor Announced
Sources: Crunchbase, Empire Startups. Data is current as of November 30, 2020
Interchecks Venture - Series Unknown -- Payments/Billing FINLAB November 3, 2020
Vesica Technologies Seed $2,149,988 Capital Markets -- November 4, 2020
Venminder Series C $33,000,000 RegTech Silversmith Capital Partners November 6, 2020
Highwing Seed $4,000,000 InsurTech Baldwin Risk Partners November 10, 2020 Series D $200,000,000 Mortgage/Real estate L Catterton November 10, 2020
Traive Venture - Series Unknown $2,500,000 Lending SP Ventures November 10, 2020
Maestro Series A $7,200,000 Capital Markets S&P Global Market Intelligence November 10, 2020 Series A $3,000,000 RegTech Cota Capital November 10, 2020
Anthem Vault Venture - Series Unknown $1,525,000 Wealth Management -- November 10, 2020
FranShares Pre-Seed -- Wealth Management -- November 10, 2020
Bumped Series A $10,400,000 Payments/Billing Canaan Partners November 11, 2020
Intelligo Group Series B $15,300,000 RegTech Behrens Investment Group November 12, 2020
Truebill Series C $17,000,000 Personal Finance Bessemer Venture Partners November 12, 2020
FinPay Series C $5,000,000 Payments/Billing Montreux Equity Partners November 12, 2020
TreasuryCurve Venture - Series Unknown $200,000 Capital Markets -- November 12, 2020
Ellevest Venture - Series Unknown $12,311,327 Wealth Management -- November 12, 2020
Lendbuzz Venture - Series Unknown $23,641,056 Lending -- November 12, 2020
Curbio Series C $25,000,000 Mortgage/Real estate Comcast Ventures November 13, 2020
LunarCRUSH Seed $1,000,000 Blockchain/Crypto Draper Goren Holm November 13, 2020
AssureGuru Seed $95,000 InsurTech -- November 13, 2020
Mylo Venture - Series Unknown $11,000,000 InsurTech -- November 13, 2020
Credit Key Series A $33,850,000 Lending Greycroft November 16, 2020
Northstar Series A $7,300,000 Personal Finance M13 November 17, 2020
Trust & Will Series B $15,000,000 Wealth Management Jackson Square Ventures November 17, 2020
Amicus Series B $8,700,000 Capital Markets The FR Group November 17, 2020
Stride Health Venture - Series Unknown -- InsurTech Moderne Ventures November 18, 2020
Addepar Series E $117,000,000 Wealth Management Westcap November 18, 2020
NestEgg Series A $7,000,000 Mortgage/Real estate Hyde Park Venture Partners November 18, 2020
Flyreel Series A $10,000,000 InsurTech IA Capital Group November 18, 2020
Forter Series E $125,000,000 Cyber/Fraud Bessemer Venture Partners November 19, 2020
Chipper Cash Series B $30,000,000 Money Transfer/Remittances Ribbit Capital November 19, 2020
CAIS Series B $50,000,000 Wealth Management Eldridge November 19, 2020
Aya Seed $2,900,000 Payments/Billing MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund November 19, 2020
Charityvest Seed $2,300,000 Personal Finance Tom Blaisdell November 19, 2020
Tenth Venture - Series Unknown $5,000,000 Digital Banking -- November 18, 2020
Nestlings Seed $1,500,000 Lending Candide Ventures November 19, 2020
ASYMmetric ETFs Venture - Series Unknown $1,070,000 Capital Markets -- November 19, 2020
Bee Mortgage App Seed $180,327 Mortgage/Real estate -- November 20, 2020
Chainalysis Series C $100,000,000 Cyber/Fraud Addition November 23, 2020
Lev Seed -- Mortgage/Real Estate ANIMO Ventures November 23, 2020
Hippo Insurance Convertible Note $350,000,000 InsurTech Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company November 24, 2020
HMBradley Series A $18,250,000 Digital Banking Acrew Capital November 24, 2020
Current Series C $131,000,000 Digital Banking Tiger Global Management November 24, 2020
Notabene Seed $1,765,000 Blockchain/Crypto Castle Island Ventures November 24, 2020
Productfy Seed $2,350,000 Core Technology Point72 Ventures November 25, 2020
Challenger Finance Pre-Seed -- Digital Banking Techstars November 30, 2020

It’s to be expected that the past two weeks were light on deals, as much of the world was anxiously refreshing a news provider of choice. Many in FinTech are undoubtedly utilizing this relative calm to pen the “What Biden Means for Fintech” blog posts. Here at Empire, we are instead asking: “What should the federal government's role be in FinTech?" Our brain trust has agreed on these seven primary questions:

  • Can regulation be used to spur competition? (Think open banking.)
  • How can regulators engage the innovation community? (The last Small Business Administration FinTech Conference was five years ago.)
  • Should fiscal policy be used to promote investing in startups? (E.g. tax incentives and credits.)
  • What can be done to see real-time payments in the Biden-era?
  • Should we continue to re-evaluate the accredited investor threshold?
  • How can we end predatory payday lending in the next four years?
  • Should we loosen access to bank charters?

But don’t let us have all the fun. What questions do you have?

A special callout to the Empire alums RealBlocks and Hydrogen. NY-based RealBlocks raked in a cool $7M in Series A funding, and is certainly poised to capitalize on the booming growth of alternative assets – $10T, as reported by capital market firm Preqin. NY-based Hydrogen is on a mission to be the most abundant FinTech element with their embedded financial components. The company is still playing sneaky with its funding, but expect a breakout soon.

Last, but certainly not least, we want to give a warm welcome to the FinTech-as-a-Service (FTaaS) powerhouse Arcus. Co-founder Inigo Rumayor and members of his team will join us on-stage at the 2021 Empire FinTech Conference, April 14th. The company is raising funding at a brisk clip, having had four funding rounds in just the last two years. Stay tuned.



Period: 10/26/2020 - 11/09/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Vertical Lead Investor Announced
Sources: Crunchbase, Empire Startups. Data is current as of November 9, 2020
StreetShares Platform Venture - Series Unknown $10,000,000 Lending Ally Ventures October 22, 2020
SmartPath Venture - Series Unknown $1,574,998 Personal Finance -- October 23, 2020
Gig Wage Series A $7,500,000 Payments/Billing Green Dot October 27, 2020
Createnu Ventures Convertible Note -- Capital Markets Plug and Play October 27, 2020
CapConnectPlus Venture - Series Unknown $1,467,500 Capital Markets -- October 27, 2020
Bluefin Payment Systems Venture - Series Unknown $25,000,000 Payments/Billing Macquarie Capital October 27, 2020
Tomo Seed $40,000,000 Mortgage/Real estate Ribbit Capital October 28, 2020
MerQube Seed $1,000,000 Capital Markets -- October 28, 2020
Finmark Seed $5,000,000 Business Intelligence IDEA Fund Partners October 28, 2020
Crypto Asset Rating Inc Convertible Note -- Blockchain/Crypto -- October 28, 2020
Wise Series A $12,000,000 Digital Banking October 29, 2020
Transcend Street Solutions Series A $10,000,000 Business Intelligence Nyca Partners October 29, 2020
Steadily Seed $3,800,000 InsurTech Matrix Partners October 29, 2020
Jiko Series A $40,000,000 Wealth Management Upfront Ventures October 29, 2020
Goodcover Series A $7,500,000 InsurTech Goodwater Capital October 29, 2020
Assurely Seed $2,950,000 InsurTech ATX Venture Partners October 29, 2020
Teampay Series A $5,000,000 Payments/Billing Fin Venture Capital October 30, 2020
RealBlocks Series A $7,000,000 Capital Markets Crosslink Capital October 30, 2020
BisRing Pre-Seed CAD 25,000 Mortgage/Real estate -- October 31, 2020
Arcus Venture - Series Unknown -- Core Technology Citi Ventures November 2, 2020
Apkudo Series B $14,000,000 Business Intelligence Harbert Growth Partners November 2, 2020
Plunk Seed $1,000,000 Mortgage/Real estate -- November 4, 2020
Hydrogen Seed -- Core Technology FINLAB November 5, 2020
Stirlingshire Seed $2,000,000 Capital Markets -- November 6, 2020

Is there no FinTech gospel?

Many of our Empire faithful are perplexed that the ecosystem continues to cite different venture round statistics each week. The data across CB Insights, Crunchbase, Pitchbook, and Empire simply differ.

The problem: FinTech has no creed and is loosely defined. In a past report, we highlighted how startups game the system when they announce rounds – but even this is contingent on the definition of FinTech. Here at Empire, we start with the CB Insights sector schema, while expanding into two areas: business insights and digital banking. Our view: drive consistency through solidarity.

Example: REACH Canada, a PropTech accelerator backed by the National Association of Realtors, recently graduated its inaugural class. It may be tempting to lump the entire class into FinTech, but the startups have a range of moats, vertical-risks, and go-to-market strategies. Everything is not FinTech. Of the class, we congratulate three companies on our FinTech funding list:, Local Logic, and RentMoola. Importantly, only one is considered real estate, while the other two are more precisely defined as payments and lending.

Okay, enough data pontification. Let’s move on to celebrating the geographical diversity in FinTech this week. While we aren’t ready to waive the fully-distributed victory flag yet, this week we did see deals coming out of a few ecosystem-diamonds-in-the-rough: Columbus, Houston, Montreal, Seattle, and Vancouver. On to the companies from these stellar locales.

Columbus-based Matic Insurance, a digital insurance agency for the mortgage world, raised $24M in Series B funding. The round was led by IA Capital and included another Midwestern VC firm in the form of Cultivation Capital. Our Houston-based pick completed an undisclosed Seed round by blockchain-social-impact firm Topl. Expect your next cup of joe to come free and fair via the magic of blockchain.

The aforementioned Local Logic is representing Montreal with a similarly sneaky Seed round raise. The company’s pitch: all imaginable real estate data all the time. Delightful! Nothing is impossible with Seattle-based Possible Finance. The startup pocketed $11M in a Series B and will continue the dream of enabling everyone to be financially healthy. Last, but certainly not least, we return to the Vancouver-based RentMoola and a similarly undisclosed Seed round. The company simplifies renting and payments through its digital platform.




Period: 10/13/2020 - 10/26/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Vertical Lead Investor Announced
Sources: Crunchbase, Empire Startups. Data is current as of October 26, 2020
Snapdocs Series C $60,000,000 Mortgage/Real estate Y Combinator Continuity Fund October 12, 2020
BoardroomLabs Seed $2,157,500 Blockchain/Crypto Standard Crypto October 13, 2020
Finexio Series B $23,000,000 Payments/Billing Medalist Partners October 14, 2020
Wealthsimple Venture - Series Unknown CAD114,000,000 Wealth Management TCV October 14, 2020
M1Finance Series C $45,000,000 Wealth Management Left Lane Capital October 14, 2020 Funding Round -- Lending Second Century Ventures October 14, 2020
LocalLogic Funding Round -- Mortgage/Real estate Second Century Ventures October 14, 2020
RentMoola Funding Round -- Payments/Billing Second Century Ventures October 14, 2020
Extend Series B $40,000,000 InsurTech Meritech Capital Partners October 15, 2020
Alpaca Series A $10,000,000 Capital Markets Portag3 Ventures October 15, 2020
MaticInsurance Series B $24,000,000 InsurTech IA Capital Group October 15, 2020
Topl Seed -- Blockchain/Crypto Beni VC October 15, 2020
Fivestars Series D $52,500,000 Payments/Billing Salt Partners October 16, 2020
Unit21 Series A $13,000,000 RegTech A.Capital Ventures October 19, 2020
FinLocker Series A $19,800,000 Personal Finance Cultivation Capital October 19, 2020
ZestAI Venture - Series Unknown $15,000,000 Lending Insight Partners October 20, 2020
PossibleFinance Series B $11,000,000 Personal Finance Union Square Ventures October 20, 2020
Kettle Seed $4,710,000 InsurTech True Ventures October 20, 2020
NewfrontInsurance Series C $68,000,000 InsurTech Meritech Capital Partners October 20, 2020
Pulley Series A $10,000,000 Capital Markets Stripe October 21, 2020
PillarLife Seed $1,500,000 Personal Finance Kleiner Perkins October 21, 2020
Transmute Seed $2,000,000 Blockchain/Crypto Moonshots Capital October 21, 2020
Lili Series A $15,000,000 Digital Banking Group 11 October 22, 2020
Curv Series A -- Blockchain/Crypto Franklin Templeton Investments October 22, 2020

Get ready – we have two metrics for you this week, one good and the other not: 1.82 and 2 of 32. The good: $1.82B is the total funding, a banner week demonstrating that FinTech VC’s are banking on the upcoming round of “emerging resilients”. The not-so-good: 2 of 32, or 6%, of the past two weeks funding rounds were raised by teams with a female CEO at the helm. Those companies: Papaya Global and Propy.

FinTech needs more diversity in funding – and six percent is not enough. Our mission is to rally the community around this metric. We can only change what we can measure; although some metrics can paint a certain picture. Recently, consulting companies are using the metric “women-led companies”, defined as a company with all founders who are female. VCs, on the other hand, are using the metric “diverse teams”, defined as having at least one female co-founder. Food for thought.

Papaya Global, the “people and payroll company”, landed a $40M Series B to beef up company growth and launch new products. This Israeli startup has been booming with “300% year-over-year annual growth since 2016”. Propy, the blockchain-powered real estate startup, banked $1.2M in Venture Round funding. The startup attracted the attention of big-name-backers in the forms of VC Tim Draper and TechCruch owner Michael Arrington.

Before we end this week, a few select standouts: SF-based Collective, the back-office platform for self-employed folks, netted an $8.65M Seed; Dallas-Fort-Worth-based Payrix, API-payments enablement platform, garnered a $50M Series A; NYC-based Unqork, no-code enterprise app platform, pulled in a $207M Series C, led by BlackRock.



Period: 09/26/2020 - 10/12/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Vertical Lead Investor Announced
Sources: Crunchbase, Empire Startups. Data is current as of October 12, 2020
Ciphertext Solutions Series A -- Core Technology -- September 21, 2020
Bright Health Series E $500,000,000 InsurTech New Enterprise Associates September 22, 2020
Next Insurance Series D $250,000,000 InsurTech Munich Re Ventures September 23, 2020
MineralTree Series D $50,000,000 Payments/Billing .406 Ventures September 24, 2020
Greenlight Series C $215,000,000 Digital Banking Canapi Ventures September 24, 2020
Attunely Series A $6,000,000 Lending Anthos Capital September 24, 2020
Insubiq Inc Pre-Seed -- InsurTech -- September 25, 2020
Coverance Series B $10,500,000 InsurTech CUNA Mutual Group September 28, 2020
Papaya Global Series B $40,000,000 Payments/Billing Scale Venture Partners September 29, 2020
Rally Series B $17,000,000 Capital Markets -- September 29, 2020
Alkami Technology Venture - Series Unknown $140,000,000 Core Technology D1 Capital Partners September 29, 2020
Facet Wealth Series B $25,000,000 Wealth Management Warburg Pincus September 29, 2020
Collective Seed $8,650,000 Payments/Billing General Catalyst September 29, 2020
Retirable Seed $4,700,000 Wealth Management Vestigo Ventures September 29, 2020
PayCargo Series A $35,000,000 Payments/Billing Insight Partners September 29, 2020
AeroPay Seed -- Payments/Billing Continental Investors September 29, 2020
Capify Venture - Series Unknown $8,000,000 Lending Goldman Sachs September 30, 2020
Yotta Savings Seed $3,300,000 Digital Banking Y Combinator September 30, 2020
ClickSWITCH Series B $2,000,000 Core Technology USAA September 30, 2020
Acquire App Pre-Seed $1,700,000 Payments/Billing Diaspora Ventures September 30, 2020
Payrix Series A $50,000,000 Payments/Billing Blue Star Innovation Partners October 1, 2020
Propy Venture - Series Unknown -- Mortgage/Real estate Tim Draper October 2, 2020
StartEngine Equity Crowdfunding $18,908,925 Capital Markets -- October 2, 2020
DeFiner Venture - Series Unknown -- Personal Finance SNZ Holding October 5, 2020
Unqork Series C $207,000,000 Core Technology BlackRock October 6, 2020
Chargebee Series F $55,000,000 Payments/Billing Insight Partners October 6, 2020
Tipalti Series E $150,000,000 Payments/Billing Durable Capital Partners October 6, 2020
Covalent Seed $3,100,000 Blockchain/Crypto Woodstock Fund October 7, 2020
BanQu Venture - Series Unknown -- Blockchain/Crypto Anheuser-Busch InBev October 7, 2020
BloomCredit Series A $10,000,000 Lending Allegis NL Capital October 8, 2020
VIVA Finance Seed $2,300,000 Lending Acumen October 8, 2020
Clair Seed $4,500,000 Payments/Billing Upfront Ventures October 9, 2020

The case against venture bloat strengthens this week with a slew of late-stage funding rounds.

Investors and founders are chasing the promised land: successive funding rounds with less time elapsed between each round. 2020 may be the dawn of an era where 18 months between funding rounds is a negative signal. Case in point: six out of the 16 recent funding rounds are a company’s second round this year alone. Let’s see that traction!

An example this week of a successive funding round is NY-based Alloy, one of our hometown favorites. This rockstar team just reached the stratosphere, propelled by a Canapi-backed $40M Series B. The team at this digital identity FinTech plans to “bring new products to market in the areas of transaction and credit decisioning, as well as document verification”.

The bloat snowball rolls down hill as startups, hip to the trend, game when they report funding to Crunchbase. Hard to say if this practice is better or worse than the deal term machinations of market-leading research firms: mining confidential deal terms from investors and founders and reselling the information to the industry for $12k+ per month. #Shade

Apologies – #RantOver. Our concern here is a venture bloat bubble bursting and causing a premature downturn in FinTech innovation.

Start your engines. Chime and Robinhood are vying for FinTech valuation pole position this week. Chime leads with a $485M Series F against Robinhood’s $460M Series G. Expect a spate of “Chime for XYZ” in the coming months as companies chase its $14.5B valuation.

Let’s finish up the week with our leading seed deals. The LATAM digital bank startup Oyster pulled in $14M in a third “seed round,” just six months after a March 8.7M raise. Last but not least, the fantastic Finch, formerly known as Trio. With a $1.8M Seed, the startup is offering the first of its kind all-in-one checking/investing account.



Period: 09/12/2020 - 09/25/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Vertical Lead Investor Announced
Sources: Crunchbase, Empire Startups. Data is current as of September 25, 2020
Oyster Seed $14,000,000 Digital Banking Monashees September 10, 2020
Finch Seed $1,800,000 Digital Banking Mendoza Ventures September 15, 2020
Aghaz Investments Pre-Seed $400,000 Wealth Management -- September 15, 2020
Veem Venture - Series Unknown $31,000,000 Payments/Billing Truist Financial September 16, 2020
Alloy Series B $40,000,000 Cyber/Fraud Canapi Ventures September 16, 2020
MentorWorks Education Capital Venture - Series Unknown $1,250,000 Lending New U Venture Partners September 16, 2020
Affirm Series G $500,000,000 Lending Durable Capital Partners September 17, 2020
X1 Card Series A $10,000,000 Lending Craft Ventures September 17, 2020
Chime Series F $485,000,000 Digital Banking Coatue September 18, 2020
QUBER Seed -- Personal Finance -- September 20, 2020
Marco Seed $6,000,000 Core Technology Struck Capital September 21, 2020
Bright Health Series E $500,000,000 InsurTech New Enterprise Associates September 22, 2020
NextCapital Series D $30,000,000 Wealth Management FP Credit September 22, 2020
Robinhood Series G $460,000,000 Wealth Management Sequoia Capital September 22, 2020
SpotOn Series C $60,000,000 Payments/Billing DST Global September 23, 2020
Next Insurance Series D $250,000,000 InsurTech Munich Re Ventures September 23, 2020

This just in from Empire’s brain trust: “Our research shows that mortgage and real estate FinTech is trending in 2020, up 4.3% in terms of total companies funded in 2019 – and that’s only in Q3.” Expect a further meteoric rise in funding as COVID and ultra-low interest rates drive people from urban centers.

Speaking of urban-rural flight, the world continues to embrace a fully-distributed workforce with SF-based Deel. (Shout-out to a fellow SF-based crypto-platform Bitwage. Our international team loves Empire payments in ETH!) Deel’s payroll and compliance platform for international workers landed $30M in Series B funding just four months after VC firm Andreessen Horowitz – a16z – led their Series A. But wait: Have business metrics moved considerably between deals and this is innovation or is it a sign of VC-bloat? Time will tell.

Ring the bell, it’s time for a funding lighting round. Cyber-fraud prevention startup EverCompliant has a new name to go with its $35M Series B: EverC. InsurTech startup Sana Benefits netted $20.8M in Series A funding to boost SMEs access to better health plans. Last, but not least, PrizePool aims to help consumers save with cash prizes on savings accounts with a $4.3M Seed.



Period: 08/31/2020 - 09/11/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Vertical Lead Investor Announced
Sources: Crunchbase, Empire Startups. Data is current as of September 11, 2020
Orchard Series C $69,000,000 Mortgage/Real estate Revolution Growth September 10, 2020
Capitolis Venture - Series Unknown -- Capital Markets Citigroup September 10, 2020
EverC Series B $35,000,000 Cyber/Fraud Red Dot Capital Partners September 10, 2020
Deel Series B $30,000,000 Payments/Billing Spark Capital September 9, 2020
Salaryo Venture - Series Unknown $5,800,000 Lending Variant Investments September 9, 2020
Sana Benefits Series A $20,800,000 InsurTech Gigafund September 9, 2020
Melio Series C $80,000,000 Payments/Billing Coatue Management September 8, 2020 Equity Crowdfunding -- Payments/Billing -- September 8, 2020
GreenScreens AI Series A -- Business Intelligence Cambridge Capital September 4, 2020
Zero Hash Series C $4,750,000 Blockchain/Crypto tastytrade September 2, 2020
Trust Stamp Equity Crowdfunding $6,500,000 Cyber/Fraud -- September 1, 2020
Chisos Pre-Seed $500,000 Capital Markets -- September 1, 2020
Community Capital Technology Seed -- Business Intelligence -- September 1, 2020 Pre-Seed $2,200,000 Personal Finance -- September 1, 2020
SoLo Funds Convertible Note -- Lending Plug and Play August 31, 2020
PrizePool Seed $4,300,000 Personal Finance Bling Capital August 28, 2020
Echofin Equity Crowdfunding £300,000 Capital Markets -- August 28, 2020
Yellow Card Seed $1,500,000 Blockchain/Crypto Andreessen Horowitz August 27, 2020
Zapper.Fi Seed $1,500,000 Blockchain/Crypto Framework Ventures August 27, 2020
STYCKR Seed -- RegTech Brinc August 26, 2020

Startups and fans – we are off to the races.

First up: mobile platform Esusu Financial and its $2.3M seed. The startup is on a mission to address credit inequality in immigrant and minority groups through a “rotational savings and credit building app”. Hot on the heels of startup success is CommonStock with a stunning $9.7M seed from five investors. Still in beta, this company aims to bring group chat investment knowledge and decisions to retail investing. Step aside for the illustrious Moov, a seed-phase startup embedding banking technology everywhere. The company landed a $5.5M raise from big-name lead investor Bain Capital Ventures and a host of others.

With our seed standouts finished, a few honorable mentions: InsurTech enabler Breath Life and a CA$6.5M Series A; affordable house-sharing service PadSplit and a $4.3M Series A; home insurance transformer Kin Insurance and a $35M Series B; digital identity analytics platform Socure and a $35M Series C.

We leave you with wise words for contemplation and inspiration: “We’re witnessing the creative destruction of financial services, rearranging itself around the consumer. Who does this in the most relevant, exciting way using data and digital, wins!” – Arvind Sankaran



Period: 08/16/2020 - 08/31/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Vertical Lead Investor Announced
Source: Crunchbase. Data is current as of August 30, 2020
Stem Disintermedia Venture - Series Unknown $10,000,000 Payments/Billing Slow Ventures August 26, 2020
Finix Series B $30,000,000 Payments/Billing American Express Ventures August 26, 2020
Esusu Financial Seed $2,300,000 Personal Finance Next Play Ventures August 26, 2020 Venture - Series Unknown -- Wealth Management Scott Galloway August 26, 2020
Breathe Life Series A CAD 6,500,000 InsurTech Investissement Quebec August 26, 2020
Wrapbook Seed $3,600,000 InsurTech Equal Ventures August 25, 2020
Machnet Technologies Inc Seed $40,000 Money Transfer/Remittances Samir Pradhan August 25, 2020
Stratify Technologies Seed $4,900,000 Business Intelligence Madrona Venture Group August 25, 2020
Socure Series C $35,000,000 Cyber/Fraud Sorenson Ventures August 25, 2020
Digital Onboarding Series A -- Core Technology Detroit Venture Partners August 25, 2020
Copper Banking Seed $4,300,000 Digital Banking PSL Ventures August 25, 2020
CommonStock Seed $9,700,000 Core Technology QED Investors August 24, 2020
Finally Financial Services Inc. Pre-Seed -- Wealth Management -- August 24, 2020
BlockFi Series C $50,000,000 Lending Morgan Creek Digital August 20, 2020
PadSplit Series A $4,300,000 Mortgage/Real estate Core Innovation Capital August 19, 2020
ThankUCash Seed -- Digital Banking Brandon L Drew August 19, 2020
Moov Seed $5,500,000 Core Technology Bain Capital Ventures August 18, 2020
Robinhood Series G $200,000,000 Wealth Management D1 Capital Partners August 17, 2020
CNote Seed -- Wealth Management Clearstone August 13, 2020
AvidXchange Venture - Series Unknown $118,897,770 Payments/Billing -- August 13, 2020
Kin Insurance Series B $35,000,000 InsurTech Commerce Ventures August 13, 2020

Extra! Extra! Read All About It: “In Q2 2020 venture-backed fintech startups raised 28 nine-figure rounds, underscoring the scale of the bet investors are making on fintech’s long-term success” reports TechCrunch.

First, our good friend and an alum of the Empire stage, Omri Mor and Routable. A B2B payment facilitator Routable just emerged from stealth mode to secure a $12M Series A. YC and nine other investors ponied up the cash to launch this startup out.

Next, we have our two twins this week: and IDEX garnered a $2.5M seed to grow its decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which aims to be both effective and “non-custodial”. Orum’s seed round drew 5.2M greenbacks to create instant wallets with financial software wizardry.

Last, a few standouts this week. Chicago-based InsurTech startup High Definition Vehicle Insurance is trucking along with an extra $16M. Charity fundraising platform Omaze amazed us with a $30M Series B (and a top 50 on Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies list this year). Financial service company Buckle continues its mission to ensure the ride-hailing drivers of the world. The company only serves Georgia, but rest assured the $31M Series A will have the company in your neck of the woods soon.


Period: 08/02/2020 - 08/15/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Vertical Lead Investor Announced
Source: Crunchbase. Data is current as of August 15, 2020
Omaze Series B $30,000,000 Capital Markets FirstMark August 13, 2020
PayActiv Series C $100,000,000 Personal Finance Eldridge August 13, 2020
Cube Seed $5,000,000 Business Intelligence Bonfire Ventures August 13, 2020
High Definition Vehicle Insurance Series A $16,000,000 InsurTech 8VC August 12, 2020
Blend Series F $75,000,000 Lending Canapi Ventures August 12, 2020
Trumid Series E $200,000,000 Capital Markets Dragoneer August 11, 2020
Axle Seed $2,700,000 Lending Anthemis Group August 11, 2020
SMBX Seed $2,500,000 Capital Markets Better Ventures August 11, 2020
Sift Healthcare Series A $2,800,000 Payments/Billing Rock River Capital Partners August 10, 2020
Routable Series A $12,000,000 Payments/Billing Y Combinator August 9, 2020
Uniswap Series A $11,000,000 Blockchain/Crypto Andreessen Horowitz August 7, 2020 Seed $2,500,000 Blockchain/Crypto Borderless Capital August 7, 2020 Seed $5,200,000 Money Transfer/Remittances Homebrew August 6, 2020
Republic Initial Coin Offering $16,000,000 Capital Markets -- August 5, 2020
AgentSync Seed $4,400,000 InsurTech Caffeinated Capital August 4, 2020
Buckle Series A $31,000,000 InsurTech Eos Venture Partners August 4, 2020
Vesta Venture - Series Unknown -- Payments/Billing EDBI August 3, 2020
Volante Technologies Venture - Series Unknown $35,000,000 Payments/Billing Wavecrest Growth Partners August 3, 2020
Marco Pre-Seed -- Core Technology Struck Capital August 1, 2020
KapitalWise Venture - Series Unknown -- Personal Finance Meyer Equity August 1, 2020
Build Financial Seed -- Digital Banking -- August 1, 2020
BlockQuake Pre-Seed $25,000 Blockchain/Crypto -- July 31, 2020
Suma Wealth Pre-Seed -- Personal Finance Chingona Ventures July 31, 2020

Seedlings, it’s your lucky day. We feature on our report this week those companies just starting out who are raising initial seed capital.

SF Bay Area InsurTech startup Angle Health has an eye towards small-group health insurance for those lean-mean business machines. Next up, Cambrian Asset Management explodes onto the wealth management scene with the promise of uncorrelated riches investing in digital assets. Pulling it together for real estate owners is Chicago-based IoT SaaS platform Cohesion – also a Chicago’s 50 Startups to Watch. With a flourish, Flourish Savings blends financial literacy and game elements to encourage super financial habits.

FLX Distribution, hailing from the greater NYC area, is on a mission to transform asset management distribution for wealth management and financial advisors. Decentralized crypto derivatives exchange Injective Protocol, incubated by exchange giant Binance, is looking to fully launch in Q3 of 2020. Back in the Bay is Meemo, an AI-powered social finance app with a heavy dose of empathy. Teller Finance, which offers risk-assessed loans by connecting to your bank, is about to kick off. Last, but certainly not least, is, which is taking aim at improving Medicare through AI.



Period: 07/21/2020 - 08/01/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Vertical Lead Investor Announced
Source: Crunchbase. Data is current as of August 1, 2020
True Link Financial Series B $35,000,000 Wealth Management Khosla Ventures July 28, 2020
Cambrian Asset Management Seed $4,200,000 Wealth Management Dennis Phelps July 23, 2020
Sidecar Health Venture - Series Unknown $20,000,000 InsurTech Cathay Innovation July 23, 2020
Branch Financial Series A $24,000,000 InsurTech Greycroft July 22, 2020
The Helper Bees Series A $6,000,000 InsurTech Silverton Partners July 22, 2020
Zuul Venture - Series Unknown $9,000,000 Wealth Management -- July 22, 2020
Episode Six Series A $7,000,000 Payments/Billing HSBC July 22, 2020
Ava Labs Initial Coin Offering $42,000,000 Blockchain/Crypto -- July 22, 2020
Hatchback Cottages Series B -- Mortgage/Real estate -- July 22, 2020
Hippo Insurance Series E $150,000,000 InsurTech -- July 21, 2020
Meemo Seed $10,000,000 Personal Finance Greycroft July 21, 2020
Angle Health Seed $4,000,000 InsurTech Blumberg Capital July 21, 2020
Jirav Series A $8,300,000 Core Technology Information Venture Partners July 21, 2020
Flourish Savings Seed $100,000 Capital Markets -- July 21, 2020
Propel(X) Convertible Note $5,500,000 Capital Markets Franklin Templeton Investments July 20, 2020
FLX Distribution Seed $2,500,000 Wealth Management RiverNorth Capital Management July 20, 2020
Hummingbird Series A $8,200,000 Cyber/Fraud Flourish Ventures July 16, 2020
cohesion Seed $6,500,000 Core Technology Hyde Park Angels July 16, 2020
Teller Finance Seed $1,000,000 Blockchain/Crypto Framework Ventures July 16, 2020 Seed $1,500,000 InsurTech -- July 31, 2020
Circle Venture - Series Unknown $25,000,000 Blockchain/Crypto Digital Currency Group July 30, 2020
JetClosing Series B $9,000,000 Mortgage/Real estate T. Rowe Price July 30, 2020
Acrisure Venture - Series Unknown -- InsurTech Tulco July 29, 2020
Guideline Series D $80,000,000 RegTech Greyhound Capital July 29, 2020
Covr Financial Technologies Series B $7,500,000 InsurTech -- July 29, 2020
Remitly Series F $85,000,000 Payments/Billing PayU July 29, 2020
Injective Protocol Seed $2,600,000 Capital Markets Pantera Capital July 29, 2020
Clearinghouse Community Development Financial Institution Venture - Series Unknown $1,100,000 Lending Comerica Incorporated July 28, 2020
Wingocard Seed $2,000,000 Personal Finance Diagram Ventures July 28, 2020

“In the next five years, fintech will drive some of the biggest VC exits” reads a recent VentureBeat titled The Enormous Opportunity in FinTech. Who do you think will be the next big exit? On to this week’s highlights.

Bond. James Bond. Suave, just like SF-based Bond Financial Technologies. The company raked in a $32M Series A with some big-name backers: Coatue, Goldman Sachs, Mastercard, and Capital B. Bond is building out some serious platform tech to “deliver the infrastructure banks and brands need to innovate with speed, safety and scale”. NYC-based is on a mission to counter data breaches that thieve credit card numbers. Users can create virtual credit cards with purchase limits. $10.2M in Series A funding will help the company “hire and ramp up product development at a much faster pace”.

Digital banking gets another boost with – try that five times fast. This YYZ-based AI brain bank helps financial institutions turbo-charge client retention. Their $3M seed will help the startup expand “into credit cards and other products”. Another Canadian seed-stage startup on our list this week is Oliver POS. This nocturnal startup landed C$3.2M to continue building its point-of-sale (POS) system for the open-source e-commerce platform WooCommerce.


Period: 07/03/2020 - 07/20/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Vertical Lead Investor Announced
Source: Crunchbase. Data is current as of July 20, 2020
Bolt Series C $50,000,000 Payments/Billing WestCap July 16, 2020
Bond Financial Technologies, Inc. Series A $32,000,000 Core Technology Coatue Management July 15, 2020 Series A $10,200,000 Payments/Billing Teamworthy Ventures July 15, 2020
Willful Seed $800,000 Wealth Management Tactico July 15, 2020
Bbot Seed $3,000,000 Payments/Billing Craft Ventures July 14, 2020
Snowball Money Equity Crowdfunding $600,000 Blockchain/Crypto -- July 14, 2020
AriNasDa Realty Co. Pre-Seed -- Mortgage/Real estate -- July 14, 2020
Taulia Venture - Series Unknown $60,000,000 Payments/Billing Ping An Global Voyager Fund July 10, 2020 Seed $3,000,000 Digital Banking BreakawayGrowth Fund July 9, 2020
Icon Savings Plan Seed $3,200,000 Wealth Management Tom Blaisdell July 9, 2020
Growers Edge Series B $40,000,000 Business Intelligence S2G Ventures July 8, 2020
Nomad Homes Seed $4,000,000 Mortgage/Real estate Comcast Ventures July 8, 2020
Verikai Series A $6,000,000 InsurTech ManchesterStory Group July 8, 2020
SwipeSum Angel $1,100,000 Payments/Billing Cequel III July 8, 2020
Docoh Seed CA$345,000 Capital Markets -- July 8, 2020
Volos Convertible Note $1,275,000 Capital Markets -- July 8, 2020
Apiture Venture - Series Unknown $20,000,000 Core Technology Pinnacle Financial Partners July 7, 2020
Chainalysis Series B $13,000,000 Cyber/Fraud Ribbit Capital July 7, 2020
Grow Credit Seed $2,250,000 Lending Mucker Capital July 7, 2020
Foxquilt Seed CA$3,500,000 InsurTech Extreme Venture Partners July 7, 2020
Oliver POS -- CA$3,200,000 Payments/Billing -- July 7, 2020
Flinks Series A CA$11,000,000 Core Technology NAventures July 6, 2020
Occupier Seed -- Mortgage/Real estate REACH July 1, 2020

As we close the books on Q2 (the quarter not banking platform) it’s no surprise that VCs were social distancing themselves from deals. As many funding rounds aren’t immediately public the early data is only a proxy, but at the moment we’re looking down 25% vs Q1 and off almost 100% YoY! But nom nom nom – FinTech continues to eat the world, says Alex Lazarow at Forbes. With over 30 funding rounds reported this week, we believe Alex.

We begin with the California-based eCommerce solution Scalefast and a $22M Series B raise to turbocharge the direct-to-consumer space. Next, Karat’s $4.6M seed is helping to launch this novel digital bank building “the black card for creators”. This bank skips traditional credit scores, basing the application and rates on total social media followers. For those brave explorers in decentralized finance (DeFi) waters, Opyn ($2.2M seed) is building a crypto-insurance marketplace to help crush risk – kapow!

InsurTech continues to dominate. Atlanta-based Layr garnered $5.25M to continue leveraging machine learning to help businesses get the right insurance at the right price. Boston-based InsurTech venture Openly received $15M Series A to provide lighting-fast home insurance quotes.

Speaking of lighting, our very own lighting round: Cedar $77M Series C to simplify healthcare payments; AgencyKPI $5M Series A to grow the insurance business intelligence platform; DigniFi $14M Series A to further build the FinTech marketplace servicing automotive repairs; Spiff $10M Series A to bring in the new age of commission software.


Period: 06/19/2020 - 07/02/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Vertical Lead Investor Announced
Source: Crunchbase. Data is current as of July 2, 2020
RenoFi Seed $750,000 Mortgage/Real estate First Round Capital June 23, 2020
Cedar Series C $77,000,000 Payments/Billing Andreessen Horowitz June 22, 2020
CrossTower Seed $6,000,000 Capital Markets Gerard Lopez June 22, 2020
Opyn Seed $2,160,000 Blockchain/Crypto Dragonfly Capital Partners June 22, 2020
Finli Seed $125,000 Payments/Billing Financial Solutions Lab June 22, 2020
Summer​ Seed $125,000 Lending Financial Solutions Lab June 22, 2020
Climb Credit Seed $125,000 Lending Financial Solutions Lab June 22, 2020 Series C -- Personal Finance Founders Fund June 18, 2020
Pagaya Investments Series D $102,000,000 Wealth Management GIC June 17, 2020
Capital Markets Gateway Series B $25,000,000 Business Intelligence Goldman Sachs June 25, 2020
Karat Seed $4,600,000 Digital Banking -- June 25, 2020
AVA Labs Initial Coin Offering $12,000,000 Blockchain/Crypto NGC Ventures June 25, 2020
Ternio Equity Crowdfunding $1,070,000 Blockchain/Crypto -- June 25, 2020
Zeehaus Inc. Venture - Series Unknown -- Capital Markets Meyer Equity June 25, 2020
Scalefast Series B $22,000,000 Payments/Billing FJ Labs June 30, 2020
DigniFi Series A $14,000,000 Capital Markets BuildGroup June 30, 2020
Willa Seed $3,000,000 Payments/Billing EQT Ventures June 30, 2020
AgencyKPI Series A $5,000,000 Business Intelligence EMC Insurance June 30, 2020
Just Auto Insurance Seed $5,700,000 InsurTech ManchesterStory Group June 30, 2020
OppJar Seed -- Personal Finance -- July 1, 2020
PushStash Seed $25,000 Wealth Management -- July 1, 2020
Xion Global Seed -- Payments/Billing -- July 1, 2020
Layr Seed $5,250,000 InsurTech Sandbox Insurtech Ventures July 1, 2020
MainStreet Seed $2,300,000 RegTech Gradient Ventures June 15, 2020
Fluz Venture - Series Unknown -- Payments/Billing Meyer Equity June 16, 2020
Pipe Seed $10,000,000 Core Technology Fin Venture Capital June 24, 2020
Derivative Path, Inc. Venture - Series Unknown $35,000,000 Capital Markets FTV Capital June 24, 2020
Velox Seed $2,500,000 Capital Markets ETFS Capital June 24, 2020
Openly Series A $15,000,000 InsurTech Obvious Ventures June 24, 2020
Nexben Funding Round $5,059,678 InsurTech -- June 24, 2020
Spiff Series A $10,000,000 Core Technology Album VC June 26, 2020 Seed $3,000,000 Lending Uncork Capital June 30, 2020
FINBOA Seed -- RegTech -- July 1, 2020
Point Card Series A $10,500,000 Digital Banking Valar Ventures July 1, 2020

Disruptors to maximum – FinTech is back in business and ready to transform the galaxy. Read on as we alight on a few of the 20 firms expanding horizons.

We begin with Boston-based towerIQ, a SaaS startup targeting insurance market transparency. The team locked in $4.5M from, arguably, the best-named VC firms: General Catalyst, Hyperplane VC, and Recharge Capital, among others. Next, we have wealth management firm UNest, which uses a mobile app to democratize the management of college savings plans for kiddos – now on Android and iOS. Our science friends in the audience will enjoy this reference: Planck. The company was awarded  $16M Series B to help “underwrite any business”.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? EasyKnock and a $20M Series B. Tech makes it easy to sell your home and/or lease it back to yourself. Next, an upgrade. Not a joke upgrade (or actually...) but a $40M Series D from SF-based neobank Upgrade. Over to cyber/fraud seed startup Unum ID “sharifying” ID with a virtual ID card and $2M to do it – brought to you by VC firm (Don) Draper Associates. Last up, personal finance Pando and $8.5M. Pool your resources to minimize the risk of high-volatility careers.


Period: 06/04/2020 - 06/18/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Vertical Lead Investor Announced
Source: Crunchbase. Data is current as of June 18, 2020
Botkeeper Series B $25,000,000 Core Technology High Alpha June 18, 2020
River Financial Seed $5,700,000 Blockchain/Crypto Polychain June 17, 2020
Upgrade Series D $40,000,000 Digital Banking Santander InnoVentures June 17, 2020
Unum ID Seed $2,000,000 Cyber/Fraud Draper Associates June 17, 2020
EasyKnock Series B $20,000,000 Mortgage/Real estate Blumberg Capital June 16, 2020
Chipper Cash Series A $13,800,000 Money Transfer/Remittances Deciens Capital June 16, 2020
Brightside Series A $35,100,000 Personal Finance Andreessen Horowitz June 16, 2020
UNest Series A $9,000,000 Wealth Management Anthos Capital June 16, 2020
Dovly Seed $2,000,000 Personal Finance NFX June 16, 2020
Genie Pre-Seed $250,000 Personal Finance -- June 12, 2020
Haus Series A $15,750,000 Mortgage/Real estate BlueRun Ventures June 11, 2020
Origin Venture - Series Unknown $12,000,000 InsurTech Felicis Ventures June 11, 2020
Planck Series B $16,000,000 InsurTech Team8 Capital June 10, 2020
M1 Finance Series B $33,000,000 Wealth Management Left Lane Capital June 9, 2020
NYMBUS Venture - Series Unknown $12,000,000 Core Technology Insight Partners June 9, 2020
Pando Series A $8,500,000 Personal Finance Core Innovation Capital June 9, 2020
Xomi, Inc. (d/b/a Chargeback) Series A $6,600,000 Cyber/Fraud FINTOP Capital June 8, 2020
Wahed Invest Venture - Series Unknown $25,000,000 Wealth Management Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Ventures June 8, 2020
towerIQ Series A $4,500,000 Capital Markets General Catalyst June 8, 2020
taxProper Seed $2,000,000 Mortgage/Real estate Khosla Ventures June 6, 2020

While they weren’t signed with a handshake, a number of interesting seed-stage companies secured new capital this week starting off a handful of Techstars-accelerated new entrants.

Propagate Ventures, landed a $1.5M seed to bring investment to agroforestry. They are followed by Curu, scoring $3M to help credit applicants avoided the dreaded “your credit application has been rejected”.

Onto the larger checks. Making waves is Splash Financial with $12.3M aiming to counter the $1.6T tsunami of student loan debt headed our way. Next up is Stackin with a $12.6M raise and a dream to make personalized financial education services available to everyone via text – :). B2B payment and credit network Fundbox locked in a $20M round-two Series C. Snagging a $27M slice of the funding pie (and a cool $100M in equity financing on top) is Pie Insurance. This D.C.-based startup provides workers’ comp insurance to small businesses. Last but not least is SF-based mobile banking company Varo Money. The bank-chartered FinTech with a monster $241M raise, funded by a veritable cast of characters: Bono, billionaire movie producer Jeff Skoll, and Progressive Insurance.


Period: 05/22/2020 - 06/4/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Vertical Lead Investor Announced
Source: Crunchbase. Data is current as of June 4, 2020
Curu Seed $3,000,000 Personal Finance Vestigo Ventures May 22, 2020
Fundbox Series C $20,000,000 Payments/Billing MUFG Innovation Partners May 26, 2020
Splash Financial Series A $12,300,000 Personal Finance CMFG Ventures May 26, 2020
Pie Insurance Series B $27,000,000 Insurtech Aspect Ventures May 28, 2020
LaterPay Venture - Series Unknown $10,000,000 Payments/Billing -- May 28, 2020
Stackin' Series B $12,600,000 Personal Finance Octopus Ventures May 28, 2020
Propagate Ventures Seed $1,500,000 Business Intelligence Neglected Climate Opportunities May 29, 2020
Rentberry Equity Crowdfunding -- Mortgage/Real Estate Bay Wharf Capital May 29, 2020
Teiqui Pre-Seed -- Regtech -- May 30, 2020
Spaced Ventures Pre-Seed $150,000 Capital Markets -- June 1, 2020
Ubitquity LLC Pre-Seed $50,000 Mortgage/Real Estate -- June 1, 2020
Nesto Venture - Series Unknown $11,500,000 Mortgage/Real Estate Diagram Ventures June 2, 2020
Numerai Initial Coin Offering $3,000,000 Blockchain/Crypto CoinFund June 3, 2020
The Small Exchange Seed $4,000,000 Capital Markets PhillipCapital June 3, 2020
Betterview Series B $7,500,000 Core Technology ManchesterStory Group June 3, 2020
Varo Money Series D $241,000,000 Digital Banking Gallatin Point Capital June 3, 2020
Lili Seed $10,000,000 Digital Banking Group 11 June 3, 2020

FinTech funding has roared back to life this week with a slew of funding rounds. To kick off the week we have four late-stage funding raises: Carta, Brex, States Title, and Coalition for a whopping $543M combined. Next up: early-stage.

We begin with a tribute to the 70s supergroup ABBA – two Series As and two Bs. Our first is AI-powered Deep Labs, signing $16M to work some tech magic with “persona-based risk systems”. AI continues its forward march with Symend, who contracted $52M to help at-risk customers keep from defaulting on debt with sweet behavioral analytics. LoanSnap inked $10M, and won the investor lottery: Richard Branson and an ex-NFL quarterback star chipped in. Our final letter is Vise, completing the trifecta with $14.5M underwritten for AI-driven portfolio management.

With our blast from the past completed, on to the rest. The construction industry gets a boost with Briq’s $10M Series A. School fundraising meets FinTech with MemberHub’s, landing $7.5M to turbocharge PTAs. SF-based Stilt had its first seed round, locking in $7.5M to help people with little to no credit history get started. NYC-based Lolli is a rewards app offering shoppers bitcoin for purchases, now backed by Ashton Kutcher and Michelle Phan to the tune of $3M.


Period: 05/07/2020 - 05/21/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Vertical Lead Investor Announced
Source: Crunchbase. Data is current as of May 21, 2020
Coinme Venture - Series Unknown $5,500,000 Blockchain/Crypto Pantera Capital May 7, 2020
STILT Seed $7,500,000 Lending -- May 7, 2020
Symend Series B $52,000,000 Payments/Billing Inovia Capital May 7, 2020
MemberHub Series A $3,300,000 Payments/Billing AIM Group May 8, 2020
Carta Series F $180,000,000 Capital Markets Lightspeed Venture Partners May 10, 2020
Hemista Pre-Seed $300,000 Wealth Management -- May 10, 2020
Briq Series A $10,000,000 Business Intelligence Blackhorn Ventures May 11, 2020
Clyde Series A $14,000,000 InsurTech Spark Capital May 11, 2020
Lolli Seed $3,000,000 Personal Finance Pathfinder May 11, 2020
Fenris Seed InsurTech CIT GAP Funds May 12, 2020
Gravy Convertible Note $1,400,000 Payments/Billing -- May 12, 2020
Vise Series A $14,500,000 Wealth Management Sequoia Capital May 12, 2020
Charityvest Pre-Seed $1,100,000 Personal Finance -- May 13, 2020
FalconX Venture - Series Unknown $17,000,000 Wealth Management -- May 13, 2020
LeverageRx Convertible Note $625,000 InsurTech Invest Nebraska May 13, 2020
Deep Labs Series A $16,000,000 Cyber/Fraud Gunnar Overstrom, Serendipity Capital, The Gramercy Fund May 14, 2020
Homeward Venture - Series Unknown $20,000,000 Mortgage/Real estate Adams Street Partners May 14, 2020
LoanSnap Series B $10,000,000 Lending MANTIS Venture Capital, True Ventures May 14, 2020
Levelfield Seed Digital Banking -- May 15, 2020
Trust Stamp Series A $1,248,000 Core Technology OnRamp Insurance Accelerator May 18, 2020
Brex Series C $150,000,000 Payments/Billing DST Global May 19, 2020
Unifimoney Pre-Seed $1,000,000 Digital Banking -- May 19, 2020
Coalition Series C $90,000,000 InsurTech Valor Equity Partners May 20, 2020
Human Interest Series C+ $10,000,000 Glynn Capital Management May 20, 2020
TokenSoft Venture - Series Unknown $4,000,000 Capital Markets -- May 20, 2020
Deel Series A $14,000,000 Payments/Billing -- May 21, 2020
States Title Series C $123,000,000 InsurTech Greenspring Associates May 21, 2020
Aspiration Series C $135000000 Digital Banking Alpha Edison May 21, 2020
Spruce Holdings Series B $29000000 Real estate Scale Venture Partners May 21, 2020
CLARA analytics Series B $25000000 InsurTech Aspen Capital Group May 21, 2020
All of Us Seed $3500000 Capital Markets -- May 21, 2020
NEER Pre-Seed $100000 Core Technology gener8tor May 21, 2020

We begin this week with a special Zen moment. Everyone pause, take a deep breath – meow on to the list! Six first-rate FinTech firms confirmed funding for a total just shy of $30M. Here’s a thematic overview: banking automation, ai-investing, insurance, challenger banking, and e-commerce. There’s a little something for everyone.

SF-based API-focused startup Treasury Prime locked away $9M in Series A funding. This cash infusion will enable the company to invest in a go-to-market team who can reach more banks in need of routine task automation. Our international funding round this week goes to Toronto-based, fusing investment manager and machine. The company downloaded an $8M Series A to distribute its “first-to-market artificial intelligence platform for investment professionals”.

Three seed rounds round out the middle of our pack today. NYC-based tech-driven Covered by Sage confirmed $6M to expand property and casualty insurance operations. San Mateo-based banking and payment services firm Wise landed $5.7M to enlighten the challenger banking world. E-commerce platform Boost garnered $1M to kick off #revolutionary shoppable hashtags. We end with a pre-seed: Vida Life is getting into the game to provide insurance products to the U.S Hispanic community.



Period: 04/24/2020 - 05/07/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Lead Investor Announced

Series A $9,000,000 Amias Gerety May 5, 2020

Series A $8,000,000 Portag3 Ventures May 5, 2020

Seed $6,000,000 NFX Apr 28, 2020

Seed $5,700,000 Base10 Partners Apr 29, 2020

Seed $1,000,000 -- May 1, 2020

Pre-Seed -- Sagicor Apr 30, 2020

Source: Crunchbase

Fintech Venture Funding April 24th 2020

Despite the one-two punch of COVID-19 and the Q1 investment dip, entrepreneurs and investors continue to rally. Our funding round this week hosts many exemplary startups as hungry as ever. We begin with three Series A funding rounds.

SF-based OpenInvest landed $10.5M for a strategic A1 investing round. This tech-enabled asset management powerhouse garnered two sweet accolades in March: Fast Company’s Most Innovative Company 2020 and Best Retail Investment Platform. Please: a round of applause. SLC-based employee payroll platform Everee ever-delights with a $10M raise. This round follows hot on the heels of a mid-2019 $3.7M seed. DC-based Savi continues to build the path to student loan freedom with a $6M snag. Inc Magazine featured this savvy startup in 44th place on the “50 World-Changing Startups to Watch in 2019”. Watch out.

These soon-to-be spriggy seeds grew a combined $13.9M. AceTrader tops the list bringing real estate crowdfunding to the wide-world of agricultural land ownership. Trovata (not the clothing brand) uses open banking to automate financial data – take me to your banking leader. Atomic Loans knows crypto is still strong, and crypto loans with no intermediaries means bank. Benepass provides benefit cards for SMBs; Set Labs is a crypto-wizard financial platform. Whew!



Period: 04/10/2020 - 04/23/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Lead Investor Announced

Series A $10,400,000 QED Investors Apr 16, 2020

Series A $10,000,000 Origin Ventures Apr 16, 2020

Series A $6,000,000 Nyca Partners Apr 14, 2020

Seed $5,000,000 RZC Investments Apr 10, 2020

Seed $4,300,000 JP Morgan Apr 21, 2020

Seed $2,450,000 Initialized Capital Apr 14, 2020

Seed $2,150,000 -- Apr 20, 2020

Seed -- -- Apr 18, 2020

Source: Crunchbase

FinTech Venture Funding

FinTech funding in the time of Coronavirus – who will survive and who will thrive?

Chicago-based Arturo departed the nest of parent company American Family Insurance in 2018. It’s mission: combine AI and aerial imagery to scan down and assess commercial property risk. An $8M Series A will power the firm’s expansion into North America and the Asia Pacific. RoadSync, based in Atlanta, picked up $5.7M to truck in more digital payment improvements for the transportation industry.

Six seed rounds round out our week. By order of appearance, we begin with Sila, whose teamwork is making the dream of effortless digital payments work. Shout out to Shamir Karkal, Co-founder, CEO, and close friend of Empire Startups!

Stepping up next is, Cadence, who was awarded funds to the tune of $4M to unlock alternative high yield investments. Our next two seed rounds have made education a priority. The Wealth Factory is on a +$1M mission to educate future FinTech leaders in the art of money management. Parents can join too! Savology banked $750k to help adults level up their financial planning. In the undeclared territory is investment management firm Wilshire Phoenix and P2P FinTech digital asset network DeFiner.



Period: 03/27/2020 - 04/09/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Lead Investor Announced

Series A $8,000,000 Crosslink Capital Apr 7, 2020

Seed $7,700,000 Madrona Venture Group Apr 8, 2020

Series A $5,700,000 Base10 Partners Mar 31, 2020

Seed $4,000,000 Revel Partners Apr 7, 2020

Seed $3,800,000 -- Apr 9, 2020

Seed $1,000,000 -- Apr 5, 2020

Seed $750,000 -- Apr 2, 2020

Seed -- -- Apr 2, 2020

Seed -- -- Apr 1, 2020

Source: Crunchbase

FinTech funding slowed to a trickle this week in the wake of the economic uncertainty roiling the markets. Have no fear: FinTech is here, and here to stay. We all know the bad news so let’s focus on the good!

We begin with two Series A startups: One and Coterie. The SF-based digital bank One banked a $17M Series A. Still in early launch mode, this digital contender is riding the wave of support for online-only banks. API-based commercial insurance provider Coterie inked an $8.5M Series A deal. This InsurTech startup uses APIs to act as an intermediary for providers, customers, and even freelancers.

Three startup companies join us for seed round funding this week: ZeFi, Trimwire, and WealthyPlanet. ZeFi is an Ethereum-powered high-yield savings account for USD and virtual currencies. The company grew out of the 2020 Y Combinator startup field. Trimwire is another 2020 Y Combinator startup that “builds spend management software for startups to maximize their runway”. Both ZeFi and Trimwire landed $150,000 in seed round funding. Last up is Ontario-based WealthyPlanet, offering financial planning for Canadians. The company offers to make you a financial planning rock star for the ultra-low-cost of free. Hurrah!



Period: 03/13/2020 - 03/26/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Lead Investor Announced

Series A $17,000,000 Foundation Capital Mar 17, 2020

Series A $8,500,000 RPM Ventures Mar 20, 2020

Seed $150,000 -- Mar 16, 2020

Seed $150,000 Y Combinator Mar 16, 2020

Seed -- Mercanti Management Mar 16, 2020

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FinTech Venture Funding Report Mar 13

Our first drop-in this week is the all-in-one spend management platform Airbase. The SF-based company raked in a $23.5M Series A extension, led by private equity firm Bain Capital, and is aiming at a second-year ARR 4x.

Next up is NorthOne, America’s SME challenger bank entering the ring with a $21M Series A – and the crowd chants: Rocky, Rocky, Rocky! Not to be outdone is mobile-banking startup Empower raising $20M. Founded by former Sequoia Capital partner Warren Hogarth, the company boasts 600,000 active users in just over 3 years. Out for the greater good is Welcome Technologies, a fintech platform connecting global immigrants with products and services. This certified B-corporation banked an $8M Series A.

Texas-based crypto-focused Zabo is using its $2.5M Seed to link financial service companies and cryptocurrency wallets. Vancouver-based IOT Pay garnered a $1M Seed round. The company recently helped local Canadian supermarkets offer mobile payment solutions, such as Alipay and WeChat Pay. For those on-the-go, the Xaggo mobile app lets you pay international bills from anywhere in the world. The company recently netted a $240,000 Seed. Last but not least is DeFiner, a decentralized financial institution wishing a farewell to the intermediaries of loans, savings, payments, and other investments.



Period: 02/28/2020 - 03/12/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Lead Investor Announced

Series A $23,500,000 Bain Capital Ventures Mar 5, 2020

Series A $21,000,000 Battery Ventures Mar 10, 2020

Series A $20,000,000 Defy Ventures Mar 5, 2020

Series A $8,000,000 Crosscut Ventures Mar 3, 2020

Series A $8,000,000 EFM Asset Management Mar 3, 2020

Seed $2,500,000 Moonshots Capital Mar 5, 2020

Seed $1,000,000 CentreGold Capital Mar 6, 2020

Seed $240,000 SUR LLC Mar 3, 2020

Seed -- -- Mar 1, 2020

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FinTech Venture Funding Report Feb 28

2019 brought in a slew of new FinTech unicorns – 24 to be exact, reports Tech Crunch. Get out your crystal ball to divine which one of the many up-and-coming startups this week will break the bank.

We begin with a Series A $10M two-for-one: Ordway, a billing and revenue automation platform, and Reggora, an all-in-one mortgage lender appraisal platform. Helping to transform and streamline pricing transparency in healthcare is Santa Monica-based Anagram. Formerly Patch, the company recently rearranged into its new name along with a $9M Series A.

Taking a turn towards a few select seed rounds, we have Pipe, Alkymi, and DigitalPay. First: LA-based Pipe offers SaaS companies a pipeline for converting MRR into ARR. Next: NYC-based Alkymi automates email data extraction through machine learning. Last: SF-based DigitalPay (formerly known as Sipree) enables companies to expedite digital payouts to payees.

This week we conclude with Talage, Aiera, and QRails. InsurTech startup Talage drew in a $5M Series A to “power the digital distribution of commercial property and casualty insurance”. AI-driven Aiera landed a $7M Series A to empower fundamental investing strategies – monitor public earnings calls and more. QRails (who acquired Rete+Pay in 2019) grabbed an $8M Series A to help financial institutions “deploy innovative digital payment solutions.



Period: 02/14/2020 - 02/27/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Lead Investor Announced

Series A $10,000,000 CRV Feb 19, 2020

Series A $10,000,000 Spark Capital Feb 12, 2020

Series A $9,100,000 -- Feb 28, 2020

Series A $8,600,000 Accomplice Feb 14, 2020

Series A $8,500,000 Santander InnoVentures Feb 19, 2020

Series A $8,000,000 Point72 Ventures Feb 25, 2020

Series A $8,000,000 -- Mar 3, 2020

Series A $7,000,000 Fin Venture Capital Feb 12, 2020

Seed $6,000,000 Craft Ventures Feb 25, 2020

Series A $5,000,000 Merus Capital Feb 13, 2020

Seed $5,000,000 Canaan Partners Feb 26, 2020

Seed $3,000,000 -- Feb 19, 2020

Seed CA$3,000,000 -- Feb 19, 2020

Seed $2,000,000 -- Feb 25, 2020

Seed $1,200,000 Temerity Capital Partners Feb 12, 2020

Series A -- -- Feb 25, 2020

Seed -- -- Feb 26, 2020

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FinTech Venture Funding Report Feb 14

We’re starting our month of fintech love with Cherre. Founded four years ago, the companies most-recent funding round was led by Intel Capital raising $16M. What is this NYC-based real estate data analytics machine going to do with this cash infusion? Serve up the $50T real estate investing and underwriting market with a cherry on top. Seconds anyone?

Tinkering away in the global financial settlements system is Transparent Systems. A $14M Series A boosts this crypto-settlements solution convinced “money is the slowest technology to evolve”. Also looking for a leg up with a gemini Series A is Boost Insurance – insurtech is making insurance sexy.

Our international mention this week comes in the form of Mexico City-based Stori Card, offering inclusive digital financial services to Latin America after a $10M raise. Next-gen real estate guru Houwzer is growing the D.C. team after its $9.5M Series A. Buzzing around your nearest startup is EquityBee and a $6.6M raise to help founding employees cash in.

Our holiday wouldn’t be complete without an assortment of seed ventures. MoCaFi offers low-cost financial services to underserved communities; Obie streamlines commercial real estate management; Goodcover is slashing insurance costs across the board.



Period: 01/30/2020 - 02/13/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Lead Investor Announced

Series A $16,000,000 Carthona Capital Feb 5, 2020

Series A $14,000,000 Future Perfect Ventures Feb 5, 2020

Series A $14,000,000 Coatue Management Feb 5, 2020

Series A $10,000,000 Bertelsmann Asia Feb 4, 2020

Series A $9,500,000 Admiral Capital Group Feb 5, 2020

Series A $6,600,000 AltaIR Capital Feb 11, 2020

Seed $3,500,000 Capital Access Holdings Feb 5, 2020

Seed $2,800,000 FundersClub Feb 4, 2020

Seed $2,000,000 Fuel Capital Feb 6, 2020

Seed $100,000 SeedInvest Feb 4, 2020

Series A -- Global Brain Corporation Feb 5, 2020

Series A -- Hamilton Lane Feb 6, 2020

Seed -- General Atlantic Feb 9, 2020

Pre-Seed -- Robert Smithson Feb 4, 2020

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FinTech Venture Funding Report Jan 31

Where we all hope fintech is headed: Visa acquiring Plaid for $5.3B and Stripe over $20B. Buckle up.

On the other side of the fintech funding coin are two Series As. SF-based Aumni cashed in $10M to free VC data and analytics from its human mind confines – more data! Sneaky NYC-based Forwardlane garnered an undisclosed amount to continue doing “mind-boggling” things with AI and wealth management.

63.63% of our list this week are seeds, soon to be saplings. First up, Gentem and its platform to help physicians get instant reimbursements and pay off the mountains of medical school debt. Knox Financial helps customers convert their home into a passive income money machine. Rapidly wants to completely virtualize tax and accounting practices.

Representing our northern neighbor is Montréal-based Lexop. Fintech meets debt collection to “remove friction from collections”. Similarly based is Contxtful technologies, harvesting eyeballs with its receptivity score. Returning home from our Canadian sojourn is U-Nest – the app that lets you bank for your child’s college fund. TomoCredit smashes through the no-credit-history barrier by analyzing alternative data sources. Last but not least, Kurtosys serves up an end-to-end digital platform for financial service organizations.



Period: 01/17/2020 - 01/30/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Lead Investor Announced

Series F $240,000,000 -- Jan 14, 2020

Series A $10,000,000 SVB Financial Group Jan 28, 2020

Seed $3,700,000 Susa Ventures Jan 15, 2020

Seed $3,000,000 Greycroft Jan 27, 2020

Seed $1,840,000 -- Feb 1, 2020

Seed $1,800,000 Anges Quebec Jan 28, 2020

Seed CA$2,000,000 -- Jan 29, 2020

Seed $1,500,000 -- Jan 15, 2020

Pre-Seed -- -- Jan 20, 2020

Series A -- -- Jan 23, 2020

Series D -- Vistara Capital Partners Jan 23, 2020

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FinTech Venture Funding Report Jan 17

Welcome to 2020 and a new decade of fantastic fintech funding. First up for the new year is Securrency, pioneer of blockchain-based financial and regulatory market infrastructure. Watch out – the tokenization of the financial world is underway. The firm locked in $17.6M worth of Series A, led by WisdomTree Investments.

Our next big spender is Locale with an $11M Series A. Billed as an upscale short- and long-term accommodations for the discerning traveler. Get your home-away-from-home on, resort-style pool included. A unique stand out from the group is TypingDNA, which uses AI and biometrics to recognize people by how they type. This NYC-based big brother just cashed in $7M in Series A from Gradient Ventures.

We don’t have much space left, so a quick seed lightning round: Edquity is a special financial planning app for students; Collbox somehow blends ethical cloud-based debt collection; Dottid promises seamless SaaS leasing options for commercial real estate; Balance is the digital Fort Knox for the crypto world; Fundraise Up supercharges online donations with human-centered brilliance.

We’ll end with our solo pre-seed, Savvy. NYC folks are about to get faster, smarter, better tenant screening with this new-comer.



Period: 01/03/2020 - 01/16/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Lead Investor Announced

Series C $50,000,000 OMERS Ventures Jan 3, 2020

Series D $50,000,000 SVB Capital Jan 8, 2020

Series C $27,000,000 Cox Enterprises Jan 9, 2020

Series A $17,600,000 WisdomTree Jan 8, 2020

Series A $11,000,000 Amplo Jan 13, 2020

Series A $7,000,000 Gradient Ventures Jan 4, 2020

Series A $5,400,000 Switch Ventures Jan 8, 2020

Seed $4,000,000 First Round Capital Jan 7, 2020

Seed $3,850,000 -- Jan 13, 2020

Seed $2,400,000 ECMC Foundation Jan 6, 2020

Pre-Seed $1,600,000 Amnis Ventures Jan 7, 2020

Seed $1,250,000 Splash Capital Jan 9, 2020

Seed CA$1,500,000 Fonds Innovexport Jan 20, 2020

Seed $1,000,000 Bala Investments Jan 2, 2020

Pre-Seed $150,000 Antler Jan 3, 2020

Seed $30,000 -- Jan 9, 2020

Seed $30,000 -- Jan 9, 2020

Seed -- -- Jan 6, 2020

Seed -- -- Jan 1, 2020

Seed -- -- Jan 2, 2020

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FinTech Venture Funding Report Jan 3

2019 had one last hurrah with a fintech funding round bonanza. Our list this week tops out at 13 companies you won’t want to miss. First up is Huckleberry, taking in $18M of Series A from Tribe Capital. The company offers easy online insurance for small businesses, which means that Huckleberry can say Doc’s famous line: “I’m your huckleberry.”

Next, we have Modern Treasury, a recent Y Combinator graduate, automating the business cycle of money movement with some modern tech wizardry. They banked a $10M Series A to continue scaling the business. Keep an eye on Trust & Will, an online estate planning venture underwritten to the tune of $6M in Series A funding. The firm has snappy marketing efforts led by a young whippersnapper you won’t forget. Slinking around at the bottom of our list is insurech firm REIN, committed to building digital insurance products.

For our seeds this week, cross-border payment startup Chipper Cash garnered its second funding of 2019. Leaping into the fray is Leapfin, a unified data platform for actionable (and delectable) financials. Last – and also lurking at the bottom – is Tassat, a blockchain-based powerup for frictionless asset transfer and crypto derivatives.



Period: 12/13/2019 - 01/02/2020

Name Funding Type Money Raised Lead Investor Announced

Series D $635,000,000 New Enterprise Associates Dec 17, 2019

Series C $200,000,000 Tetragon Financial Group Dec 20, 2019

Series C $30,000,000 Horizons Ventures Dec 20, 2019

Series C $22,000,000 -- Dec 18, 2019

Series A $18,000,000 Tribe Capital Dec 18, 2019

Series A $10,000,000 Benchmark Dec 19, 2019

Seed $6,000,000 Deciens Capital Dec 16, 2019

Series A $6,000,000 Link Ventures Dec 17, 2019

Seed $4,500,000 Bowery Capital Dec 20, 2019

Seed $4,200,000 Bienville Capital Dec 20, 2019

Seed $3,400,000 Vestigo Ventures Dec 17, 2019

Series A -- Volvo Financial Services Dec 21, 2019

Seed -- -- Dec 16, 2019

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