OCTOBER 18 - 22

New York FinTech Week was designed to be an inclusive collaboration of the entire startup ecosystem. It’s a series of events highlighting different FinTech initiatives and range from conferences and invitation-only roundtables to events free to the community. Please note that these independent events require individual registration.


Monday, October 18th, 6:00pm
FinTech Week Opening Party
Rise, New York

Join us for the New York FinTech Week Opening Party by Empire Startups. Kick off the week in style and network with participants from across the entire week.

Monday, October 18th, 1pm
Pitch Day | The Future of FinTech is Diverse


At empire, we know that solving diverse and complex problems requires diverse and complex teams. Our pitch day will feature diverse teams solving complex problems across lending, payments, personal finance, wealth, capital markets, infrastructure, insurtech, and banking.

Tuesday, October 19th, 8:00 am
Empire FinTech Conference
New World Stages, New York

Join over 600 attendees for the highlight of New York FinTech Week. A packed day of demos, keynotes, live podcasts, and networking, showcasing the latest in FinTech.

Hear from those forging new trails in payments, blockchain, lending, wealth, insurtech, real estate, and more. In addition to attracting hundreds of entrepreneurs, this FinTech conference also plays host to the investors and service providers that help accelerate startups. Part crystal ball and part rearview-mirror - you don’t want to miss this.

Tuesday, October 19th, 7pm
NY FinTech Cocktails on the Water

Welcome to Empire FinTech Week. An exclusive gathering of friends, join us to mingle with NY FinTech's best and brightest over cocktails, wine and light bites.

Wednesday, October 20th, 9am
FinTech Investor Breakfast

You are invited to our exclusive event to get to know the founders in the latest Western Union Accelerator powered by Techstars.

Coming off the 13 week Techstars accelerator, these companies are currently experiencing hyper growth and in the fundraising process.

Wednesday, October 20th, 6:30pm
NY FinTech Week Ecosystem Dinner

In partnership with This Week in FinTech, we're organizing a first of its kind intimate ecosystem dinner of 80 founders, investors, and other FinTech leaders.

We are thrilled to have several ecosystem partners defraying the cost of the dinner. Please contact us if this may be of interest to your firm.

Thursday, October 21st, 1pm
Banking Innovation Roundtable
Rise, New York

FinTech, Financial Services, and The World Changed in 2020. The Brightest Minds Sit Down to Chart a Course Forward on October 21. 

As we optimize for a remote world, it's more important than ever to supplement virtual with in-person roundtables to tackle big issues and nurture collaboration between Financial Institutions and FinTechs.

During New York FinTech Week and including speakers from the Empire FinTech Conference, the roundtables will feature a curated group discussion covering data privacy, financial health, DeFi, embedded finance, and the innovation edge.

(please include your purview and why you want to attend)
Thursday, October 21st, 5:30pm
The Power of Combined Data - Happy Hour

In the spirit of the New York Fintech Week - we are excited to announce an exclusive Happy Hour hosted by Codat & Ocrolus. Together, we will bring together the sharpest minds and trailblazers in the industry, to weigh in on the future of combined data.



FinTech Sandbox
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